Pride, outer show, attempt to impress, beauty. Sometimes the same as phoenix. In some cultures the peacock represent the soul or psyche – ones sense of self with all ones individual memories and characteristics. Because the peacock could shed all its beautiful feathers and then grow them again, early Christians saw it as a symbol of resurrection and immortality. As the peacock is a male bird displaying for the sake of a mate, it can also obviously represent male sexuality in its proud, ostentatious or displaying mode.

Pride; self display; vanity; the desire to be more attractive; sometimes the same as phoenix. Outer show, attempt to impress. Due to the beauty of its tail, and the iridescent eyes thereon, it is sometimes also a symbol of the opening in the soul of beautiful spiritual qualities, and a realisation of the eye of God watching us, directing us.

 It can of course represent being as “proud as a peacock” about some accomplishment and would like to “show off.”  But Edgar Cayce saw the peacock as a symbol of the warning, “Pride goeth before destruction.” (Prov. 16:18)

Peacock feather: A peacock feather might represent beauty, self aggrandisement. So it might mean you have achieved the quality it depicts. In India they symbolise spiritual awareness.

 Example: There were trees and a grassy patch of ground. A dog was having puppies. But a great flock of small black birds emerged running and skimming over the grass. I heard myself remark, “They are smaller than the others and there are more of them.” Then, from among the trees emerged a large peacock, tail half raised. The dream left me feeling that from small things could emerge something large and beautiful. Mrs E. E.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I associate with peacocks and how was it shown in the dream?

Is this about pride, or the attempt to impress, what was I feeling?

Does the peacock represent a visionary or watchful aspect of me?

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