Perfume Scent Smell

A smell can remind us of a particular situation or person. Odours attract, repulse, relax or offend. So they depicts feeling responses and intuition, and may summarise what we feel about a person or situation. Frequently in dreams a smell expresses an intuition of something rotten in ones life if the smell is bad. See Nose

A pleasant smell can indicate feelings of attraction, as with perfume or good food smell

Bad smell: Frequently in dreams a bad smell expresses an intuition of something rotten in ones life. Rotten might mean ‘bad’ emotions felt in a relationship; a hunch or feelings about something, as in the example; memories. So it might show feelings others or you feel about someone or a situation.

 Example: ‘I went back in time in circles, almost as if going unconscious. I went back and back and then there came this awful smell such as I’ve never experienced. I always felt it was the smell of death. I would wake terrified. One night my husband, a practical and down to earth man, said he would read me to sleep to see if it helped me not have the dream. It made no difference I still had the nightmare. Imagine my surprise though. He said ‘I knew you’d had the dream again for there was an awful smell in the room for a minute.’’ Mrs E. C.

Example: While upstairs my wife had come up. As we walked down we got near the toilet and I suddenly smelt powerful smell of shit. It was like the inside of a dead turkey. I somehow connected it with my wife, but asked her if my son or someone had just being to the toilet. She said, “Yes, I had. But I had only done a pee”. Anyway, the smell went and I sat in the sitting-room. She went out then came in again and as soon as she was near the door I smelt a strong blast of shit. Now I knew it was connected with my wife and told her it was in relationship to her. She asked how, and I knew I deeply felt she was like a bag of shit. I saw her face – all the skin on her face – as like a thin paper bag full of shit. I tried to tell her this but my mouth and body just would not say it. I tried but no words would come. I looked at her and the skin looked like it covered shit. It looks like a paper bag, and if punctured shit would come out. Eventually I mumbled out something about shit, and began to realise this was how I saw her, like a middle-aged shit bag.

Good smell: Good feelings; non verbalised intimations or love.

 Example: The bear is just sitting there on the flat steps and looking at us. It didn’t look mean now, only calmer and looking tired. I grab grandma by the arm and told her to get behind me…I can smell her scent and feel the warmth from her arm…I hold her get behind me and look at the bear.

Also explainable by the large number of idioms regarding smell.

Idioms: On the right scent; throw someone off the scent; in bad/good odour with; odour of sanctity; smell a rat; smell of grease paint; smells fishy; something stinks to high heaven; like stink; raise a stink; what you did stinks.. See: nose under body.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this odour call up a particular person or experience, and what is it that I relate to?

Is this about a feeling, attraction, repulsion, or the smell of something fresh or stale?

Is it a play on words such as ‘I smell a rat’, ‘something smells fishy’, ‘stinks to high heaven’, ‘stop and smell the roses’, and so on?

What did you make of or feel about the smell?

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