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Imaginative faculty that may, through inspiration or intuition, express your deepest feelings, feelings and meanings that may be hidden to the more conservative, conscious, self. I have virtually no record of people dreaming about poetry or poets. Where it does happen the poem seems to sum up profound feelings that summarise the dreamer’s best or worst view of life. So it seems a poem is a form of self expression of subtle content or impressions, probably like a gestalt. Therefore the poet would be the aspect of your own mind that forms such intuitive gestalts.


-Alenka 2015-08-02 10:27:06

Today I’ve had a dream about a Croatian poet Tin Ujević. It was surprising, since I’ve never read his poems nor have known how he looked. Yet, the figure that was dreamt about was quite similar to historic persona of Tin Ujević. Here’s the dream: We are in the meadow, very green, in front of a country house. There comes Tin Ujević and talks about his childhood. He is very humorous, very joyful and gay. Within his stories aobut his childhood, I can sense some bits and pieces of MY childhood,, the atmosphere at my aunt’s old kitchen, the ornament of the floor and on the walls, the odours, how I am sitting on old box for coal with a cat in my lap. When Tin finishes his stories, there is a feeling as if we had climbed a mountain and had returned down to this country house to rest a bit. There is – in the meadow – a large bed (for two persons). Tim wants to rest a little bit more, I am reluctant and would want to continue my path.

-Tanya 2013-05-15 10:40:23

I had a dream yesterday that I had to give an impromtu performance of something. I couldn’t figure out what to do & asked to go after someone else so I could figure out what to do. Then I realized I should read some of my poetry. (In the dream I saw the actual book I write poetry in, in waking life)

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