Prehistoric Primeval

Levels of being that developed in you in ages past, and are given to you as a physical and mental heritage. We feel these as instincts, as profoundly strong reactions to situations. It is the part of us that makes the hair stand up at times when we sense something we do not understand consciously. See Levels of the Brain

This usually refers to deep levels of your unconscious; your basic and instinctive responses to life events and people, or perhaps unconscious powers and activities. The levels of your brain and body that developed in ages past. Your own primeval urges and drives, such as fear, territorial aggression, mating rituals, survival; urges that have not been integrated fully into our present social situation, perhaps because they were repressed during childhood or because you were not strong enough to meet them.  Many of our social rituals – such as the father giving the daughter in marriage that possibly arose out of the need to allay aggression between males, and break the father’s sexual bond with the daughter – arose from these basic drives. Also our babyhood or prenatal life.

 Example: A number of us, soldiers, were moving up to the battlefront. We had to climb over a pile of rubble, like a wall, and ran across open ground. There was a great fear of being shot down as we came into the open. This did not happen, and once passed the obstacle I felt it was actually a sort of training circuit getting us used to battle conditions. We moved on into the fighting. A volcanic type of eruption from the bowels of the earth spewed up a prehistoric monster. There was a lot more, but cannot clearly remember.

The dream came just before the man was able to allow a deeply buried childhood trauma to emerge. The prehistoric creature was a release of a power that was the means of releasing such ancient and trapped emotions.  See Life’s Little Secrets



-Rebecca Mays 2012-02-20 15:48:15

a dream of a large prehistoric flying creature that came to the picture window of a home I was in and slowed down flapping wings to peer in – I knew it could break the glass and destroy but it did not seem intent upon doing so; it turned and fly off as thousands of black bats attached to the three-sided picture window of the living room – they too just peered and then fly off and dream ended with watching a powerful sunset as the animals flew into the distance

your interpretation??

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