Either the victim or others’ desires, or victimising others. The fear of being hurt or destroyed in some way. There is a play here between the top dog and under dog; the victim and the victimised.

This depends on who or what is the victim and what or who the hunter. It may show you being the victim of others’ desires, or victimising others as preying on another. The fear of being hurt or destroyed in some way. Preying (possible pun for “praying”).

If it is a bird of prey it might appear as a threatening influence. Also because it often represents wider awareness it may at times feel as if you are ‘carried away’. Being lifted into the unknown in this way can cause unwarranted fear.

The word prey can also indicate how millions of people why fall easy prey to petty worries, fears and self-pity. See Martial Art of the Mind

The man who fears the communications of his inner world is as much afraid of the feminine element in himself as he is of real women. At one moment he is fascinated by her, at another he tries to escape; fascinated and terrified, he flees so as not to become her “prey.” He does not dare to approach a beloved (and therefore idealised) partner with his animal-like sexuality.

 Example: Last night I had a dream that I went out on my back deck and a hawk swooped down right in front of me, into a pool of small birds and caught one. As it settled over top of its prey it clutched its prey tighter. It was now gigantic and its wings spanned clear across my backyard. As it arched it’s back it spread its wings, and made direct eye contact with me as it knocked the birds out of the sky that were trying to get him to release his prey. As it begins to take flight it reached down and pecked its caught prey in the head killing it. Then it began to hover where it was in front of me flapping its wings in a soothing motion. I remember I was really excited and was gripped with awe, so much so I began to jump up and down in disbelief that he was 10 x’s as big as me and that no one else was seeing it or had seen it. Then I woke up and was still so excited and at awe to have seen this.


Useful questions or hints:

Am I the prey in the dream, or am I preying on someone else?

Does this represent the fear of being hurt or destroyed in some way?

Do I feel I am victimizing others?

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