Screw Screwed Screwing

Male sexuality; intercourse; security or mending something. It is often used in the sense of something being ‘screwed up’.

Screwing on can mean you are trying to stop a leak, prevent things from spoiling or fixing something. The screw advances as it turns.

Screwy can refer to crazy thoughts or being slightly mad.

Example: I had a sense that my mother wanted always to be in control. She couldn’t dare to let me be a man. What with being an infant mother to myself, then bringing myself up from six, followed by being the mother to my children, my male life has been truly screwed up. ‘I feel sad about me. In fact, I feel sad about all of us because of the injustice of life and the casualties we become. It’s called human life.

Example: A small leather strap is being screwed into my right side. It is decided not to install one on my left side. I look back in a while and the screw has come out. I take the strap off. Sam

The dreamer was working on a project and one worker was screwing things up. This constricted-strapped-the action and the monetary returns. Remember-right side is the action side. If he did not get his feelings (left side) screwed up, the project would undo itself! Sam hung in there and kept cool emotionally. The situation worked itself out.

 Example: We both briefly enter the open doorway of the porch together, then return to the yard. It’s then that I notice her thick lips with bright red lipstick. She says to me, “I have screwed everyone-” and I insert disbelievingly, “in the city?” She answers, “Yes, in the city. I have screwed one day a week every week.” My feeling is, “How could anyone go to bed with her since she’s so weird?”

The woman dreamer says, “I’d been putting off dealing with this question of femininity and escaping the responsibility of a marriage-type commitment; this was easy for me to do because of my youthful appearance. I could continue to avoid facing the responsibility of dealing with this new area of growth and remain comfortable and safe in my present casual friendships. But it was time now to grow up and accept the challenge of learning what it means to be a woman.

 Example: I was dreaming about my dog Tramp, and realised there is a “Tramp” in me that wouldn’t mind just having a non commitment passionate fuck. It seems to me that I have feelings of love for certain women, and I don’t feel that about this particular woman, and I don’t want to have to act it out. But I can feel in my body that I do need a really good screw.

Screw: Can refer to the propulsion of a boat. A power to move in water. Getting near it can suggest danger.

Idioms: Got a screw loose or missing; put the screw on someone; have a screw, or screw you; get screwed; screw up; screw me over; screwy

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this a play on words for sex, as in ‘screw around’?

Does this imply something going wrong as in ‘screwing up’?

What feelings were felt or implied in the dream?

What do I think of with the word screw?

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