Often this relates to attitudes or habits, or the drug itself, that you use to deal with anxiety. It can indicate that something other than your conscious decision is controlling you.

Some smoking dreams connect with hidden sexual desires, with a comforting friend or a change in mood, such as might occur when we meet a friend. In some cultures and situations it would show connection with others and a special time of togetherness, such as the smoked pipe in the Native American ritual, or when smoking a joint in company. When there are two or three people smoking it could also suggest a clique atmosphere, a togetherness that excludes others on in which, perhaps because you are allaying anxiety by smoking, you feel included.

Defining smoking dreams, Christopher Evans, in his book Landscapes of the Night, says typical dreams are of puffing away in a crowded place such as a party, showing how linked smoking is with anxiety about dealing with being sociable. If they give up smoking, the programming is so deeply etched that they frequently dream of smoking, perhaps without meaning to, but this gradually lessens as time goes by.


-Naomi Lu 2014-05-11 23:09:30

I am surprised with your interpretation of smoking.
When I had a dream of smoking, I knew I will have a very bad news. A week later I heard that my sister was sick of cancer and she died a few months later.
Smoking is a bad omen!

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-12 10:03:48

    Naomi – It might be a bad omen for you, and it is not my interpretation, it is information gathered from thousands of people’s dreams, and yours is the only one that points to bad luck.

    I would love to actually have heard the dream. But people are so often afraid that their dreams will prophecy bad things, that they watch out for awful things to happen, and then say, “You see, another awful thing happened”.

    A test for such prophetic dreams was taken in the US. Out of 8000 dreams in his Registry For Prophetic Dreams, Robert Nelson, who was sent the dreams prior to what was the person felt was predicted by their dream, has found only 48 which bear detailed and recognisable connection with later events.


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