These are often used in dreams to represent the personal quality, cleanness or untidiness of the person. They therefore depict some sort of judgement about what sort of person you are, or how you see someone.

Socks sometimes are shown as protective in some dreams, perhaps stopping creatures from getting on your skin, or stopping shoes rubbing, so depicting the way you deal with irritating events. In some such dreams they represent defensive attitudes or thoughts with which you repress or avoid ‘squirmy’ feelings about things like blood and inside your body. Socks can also be associated with warmth or protection from a difficult situation.

Socks can deal with issues about coldness or heat, and so represent having ‘cold feet’ about a relationship or situation, or getting ‘hot’.

Putting socks on might suggest getting ready to go somewhere, making a change or trying something on.

Socks also can represent particular roles, such as a footballers socks, or special quality socks for business or social ritual. The strange idioms surrounding socks also show other associations, like ‘pull your socks up’ – knocked my socks off (suggesting a powerful experience); rock socks; sock it to me.

Looking at someone’s socks is usually about the judgement or impression of them we have from what they are wearing – or it may link with a memory of someone we know who had similar socks.

Useful questions:

What surrounds the socks in the dream’s action – relationship, appearance, going out?

Do the socks connect with protection or warmth in any way – if so how?

What do these socks ‘say’ about appearance, role or status, and how does that apply to  me?

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-L D 2017-03-31 8:37:17

Last night I dreamt that every time I took this one sock off it would appear back on my foot. It happened over and over again; I’d take the sock off and I would watch it just appear on my foot again! Such a vivid dream.

-Genevieve 2017-02-12 16:13:28

I had a dream of two black socks (they were my Nike socks, they were a little faded ) and next to them was a white sock. And I threw them to the corner of the room I was in , I guess I was gonna put on the black ones but then I didn’t . And they were just there. I don’t know what this means but I know it has to mean something.

-Hutchinson 2016-09-10 6:19:26

I had a dream last night and in It I was outside stuffing spiders into my socks to keep them warm because it was cold outside. What could this scene represent psychologically?

-anya 2016-06-15 16:14:55

Hi ….i had a dream about my ex boyfriend. I saw him at a bowling alley and turned my back to walk away. He came to greety family and then shacked my hand and kissed my cheek. Then i got up to walk away. He gavee a folder. When i opened it.
.it had a pair of red and white socks….childs socks tolder. I told him thank u and good bye. He then asked for the socks back. I gave it back and my dream ended.

-Sarah 2016-03-24 13:15:00

Hi Tony. Last night I dreamt that I was wearing a pair of my ankle socks. Someone I was with at the time (I don’t recall who) pointed them out, and I looked down and touched them, and realized I was wearing more than one pair. I looked inside the sock and found that I was actually wearing 3 pairs, and there was a fourth pair “loose” inside the others. They came out when I started to pull at the socks. I remember being surprised that I was wearing all these socks, like it wasn’t planned. What you said about “some sort of judgement about what sort of person you are or how you see someone” resonated with me. What do you think this could mean? I feel like it’s something I should really pay attention to, it’s been on my mind since I woke up. Thanks for your help.

-Georgie Fonay 2016-02-13 22:08:10

All my socks were full of holes. Lots of them and i was in a hurry to get going and they were all unwearable.

-ben 2016-01-31 7:27:35

I had a dream where a co woke told me I should buy green socks. I did and that was how I met my future wife. What the heck does this mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-02-01 15:29:40

    Dear Ben – I wonder if there is more to share about your dream then just these two sentences;
    Is your co-worker male or female; what does your future wife look like; do you meet her in the shop; what do you feel when you see her, how do you know she is your future wife etc.?
    Anna 🙂

-dmw 2015-12-05 19:05:23

had a dream about counting many clean white socks that were laying on the bed in a pile. I usually hate to fold socks…but never thought to count them….thought it was odd…

-ady 2015-02-24 9:27:38

I had a dream in which I remembered that I forgot my black socks at this guy’s (friend and type of boyfriend) house. At the moment in which I remembered that I forgot my socks and of the specifics (black) I also remembered that they might be smelly and for some reasons I could smell the socks. I have to admit this guy I really really really like- but its kinda of a complicated situation so I am taking it slow.
I would really appreciate your reply- as I have woken up a little shocked from remembering this dream so vividly.
Thank you in advance!

-Dbie 2014-03-08 15:07:04

I had two dreams about waking up with things in my socks last night. Once it was a giant wad of string. The other time it was crackers.

Based upon your description, I’m thinking it means that I need some protection from what’s irritating me in my life- I had a huge fight with my husband yesterday.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-03-09 10:49:05

    Dbie – That too, but also it is something that makes it difficult to walk and to carry on normally. The string could also suggest a mess you need to untangle, and also the ties or connections you have with another.

    Take it slowly. Perhaps read


-Pat 2014-02-26 19:04:12

Dreamt of arguing over a pair of white socks with my ex lover. He said they were his and they were not. This dream was so real and it has stuck with me all day. Any help with what it means would be greatly appreciated.

-Maricela Quiroz 2013-11-09 20:17:05

How people can learn to interpret their dream?

-Jane 2011-08-15 12:03:10

Thanks a lot for maintaining such a beautiful site that is easy to navigate with very useful tools.
Helped me with analyzing a recurrent dream.
God bless!

    -Tony Crisp 2011-09-04 7:08:21

    Thank you Jane for your encouragement, and for your blessing.

    Amazing Grace.


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