Feelings or worries concerning a son. Growing part of self. Hopes or worries about the future. Your extroverted self; desires connected with self expression; parental responsibility.

Dreaming son is dead: A mother often kills off her son in her dreams as she sees him make moves toward independence. This can happen from first day of school on. Becoming independent from  mother often feels like a tearing away after years of constant caring. It is a huge change, and feels like the son has died to her.

But the death of a son also signifies feelings of great loss, or the end of something, perhaps a relationship, or something that meant a great deal to you.

Mothers dream: Your ambitions; potential; hopes. It can also represent your marriage. The child is the fruit of the relationship, so can represent the state of the relationship.

Father’s dream: Yourself at that age; what qualities you see in your son; your own possibilities; envy of youth and opportunities; rivalry. As above, can represent your marriage-relationship.

Someone else’s son: Feelings about your own son; feelings about younger men.


-Jason flynn 2017-03-18 19:36:15

I had a dream of my daughter falling from a building and I could of cought her but didn’t act quick enough I watch her fall and hitting the floor and she was still moving. Then I ran down to see her then I woke up. The most worst dream I’ve ever had still emotional about it but can’t find what it means

-charlotte 2016-03-12 15:33:51

Hey there, I can recall a dream I had a few months back about seeing a grown boy, who was to old for me to have given birth to, but I think he was my long lost son in the dream, and I realised he was autistic spectrum, when he began talking I liked his accent which to me sounded nice and clever.
Back to reality, I feel this dream may point to something happening now, I am pregnant, am meant to be having a work trial tomorrow, the boss has the same accent as the son in my dream and he actually has taught children of autism. Could this actually be? Thank you

-Amelia 2016-03-11 14:35:44

I dreamt about my youngest son who is 15, in my dream he is 6 years old and we are at the mall, he drops something over the ledge, he leans over to see it fall, then he climbs over the ledge and jumps…I don’t scream but am very scared for him. After seeing the doctor, they first say that he is going to be ok and then they say that its very serious and he could have difficulty walking. Not sure what this even means….

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-03-17 11:23:44

    Dear Amelia – Your dream may reflect the process you are going through of letting go of your youngest son;
    As I see it, he is “taking the jump” into independence and it scares you, because you are not sure if he is going to be okay.
    You may want to explore if you still prefer to see him as a 6 year old and/or if you feel/believe that part of his (emotional?) development has not reached beyond the age of 6 yet in certain situations.
    Either way I trust that reading Dan Siegel’s book “Brainstorm” can help you and your son better prepare for walking the path to individuation;
    Anna 🙂

-Lisa 2015-07-19 10:32:20

Hello, I just had a dream that my eldest son cut off his youngest brothers fingers off one hand with a fork. My youngest son still wouldn’t tell on his brother. I spanked him I guess I say that because I was just slapping him around. Slapping his arms yelling, how could you do something like that? He said it’s to make him tougher. I’m thinking that I’m scared of the control my eldest son (which is 14 and my youngest son is 6)has over my youngest boy. Often times not telling something he should. I think it stems from that. Would you agree or do you think it’s something else? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-07-22 20:08:20

    Dear Lisa – I believe that this dream is expressing your inner conflict, which might be reflected in the outside world too.
    I see your youngest in your dream as a symbol of your vulnerable, more tenderly caring part which is not allowed sufficient expression anymore.
    Your oldest son in your dream I see as a symbol of a part that is about surviving Life rather than allowing Life and this controlling part perceives expressing the feelings and needs of your vulnerable inner child as a threat.
    I think it is good to be aware that being male is not only about “being tough”; each man has an “inner woman” too.
    In general we can say that this inner woman represents the man’s emotions, his nurturing and caring quality, forgiveness, his sense of what is natural and his connection with nature, its cycles and drives. Through such feelings a man would recognise in people and animals the urges that link one to a mate, the strength to protect and nurture children, and the natural within himself. The inner woman also holds in it an expression of a man’s complex of feelings about women, gained as experience mostly from his mother – or lack of mother – but also from a synthesis of all his female contacts.
    I trust this gives you a start with understanding your dream and what you have created in your inner world.
    Perhaps you feel like exploring it for yourself too?
    Anna 🙂

      -Lisa 2015-08-01 12:18:58

      Thank you!!!

        -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-01 14:05:45

        You are welcome Lisa 🙂

-r 2015-05-18 8:05:04

Hi tony, I tried to see in your website about an explanation but didn’t succeed. I had a dream about my son that he had become a young man naked with muscles but that his genitals are gone and replaced by woman’s one. Can you explain it to me please. Thanks for your help.

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