Spring of Water

Free flowing feeling and rejuvenating energy. It often refers to your source of life and consciousness – the life that enlivens you that arises from unknown depths. This is especially so if the spring is in a cave or underground. It then suggests you are becoming more aware of your connection with universal life as in the following dream. See:  Water

I and a number of other people were in a chapel or church. There was a holy spring arising in a basin such as are found containing holy water outside Catholic churches. I drank some of this water, only a small medicine glassful. It was powerfully healing. Most of the people there drank some water, seeking to be healed. A man came and told me not to be too frugal with the water, as, although there was only a basin full, you could never empty it. The spring was perpetually replenishing it. I believe I filled containers to give to other people who could not get to the spring. I then partially awoke from this dream, and was aware of a vibratory force acting on my body. My feet were actually trembling, not through tension, but through the passage of this force.


-Nandakumar 2018-04-05 8:21:07

I have been getting some very intriguing dreams. In the first dream, I saw my wife, mixing a pinch of salt with sand, while doing so she smiled at me. It was like mixing the way the salt is mixed in food. The second dream which I got yesterday, in which I am in my bedroom, I see that there is large pot hole created as the floor has collapsed down to at least around 10 feet. I see my wife stand at a corner in the pothole and looking at me as if to rescue her. I am standing on the part of the floor which has not fallen and I feel a regular stream of water is flowing below my food and falling tin that pit. All of sudden my Dad arrives in my bedroom, he stands at the part of floor near the door which has not fallen and offering me to take spiritual bliss of the Guru. I do not quite understand this. Though I am bit tense in the dream. Can you please figure out what this meant.

-Bill 2014-08-31 3:25:02

Hi Tony,

I have recurring dreams of limestone springs and always find them wondrous. Thought I’d share this one and see what you thought, if you felt like commenting on it. Best to you, Bill

I was at a limestone spring, a large one, about 100 feet across. I wondered at it’s depth and seemed to know that it was unfathomably deep—in fact…. of unknowable depths.

There was a visitor center type structure at one end with a few people there, but I was not near that. I was out, away from that, alone.

I was on a ledge of limestone right up near the water’s edge peering into it’s depths. It seemed both beautiful and scary and mysterious all at the same time. I could not see more than one foot into that water… it was transparent but also so dark and deep deep green, not murky, just hard to see into. I gazed into it, hypnotized, for minutes perhaps. The thought came to my mind that it might be nice to swim in such a natural place, but I was a little afraid to do so, fearing that there was no telling what could be in that water.

Just at that moment a large goose-sized pure white bird suddenly burst forth from under the water breaking the surface violently not four feet away from me and I about jumped out of my own skin! It was some kind of exotic looking bird I’d never seen. Even though it startled me I found the bird to be exquisitely beautiful. I guessed it had been under the water maybe diving for fish but didn’t really know. After giving me a look I took to be something of a dirty look, it took off into the air, and I was left with even a stronger feeling of wow there really is no knowing WHAT is in that water!”

It was beautiful, mysterious and so very exciting!

    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-31 12:27:23

    Bill – Such a wonderful dream is both an invitation to explore your own depths, because it is saying that you are much more that your senses give you insight into. But is also full of information as it stands.

    Any dreams images are not simply fancy, but are images that are intimately connected with the functions and dimensions of your own being. See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/questions-2/#Summing

    A spring is often used to show you that your real source of awareness comes from deep within you, and as your dream suggest, is difficult to see into. Jung and others called it the unconscious. I often call it your Source of Core Self. You can perhaps gather what I mean if you take time to realise that you are an example or ‘life’ the most mysterious thing, yet most of us are totally unaware of what cause us. You cannot say that you mother and father caused you, because you mother was a fertile place in which your father place a seed. Then her body was taken over by the process of life, and she was not the one to cause the growth of your body. The egg your father planted was also not created by him.

    So you are really a very ancient being, a life form which has attained a small measure of self consciousness. Unfortunately most of us were taught to turn that self awareness outward. But fortunately you have realised in some way that you have an immense and deep inner world.

    You can, if you wish, explore that wondrous world. There are tools or methods to aid you to do it, because your dream is only like a cover of a book, or computer icons on the monitor; they are lifeless unless you click on them.

    So please see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPersonhttp://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/edgar-cayce-and-the-cosmic-mind-superminds/ as an example of the depths within you – http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/

    And as an example of exploring your dream, “Hi Tony, I just want to share with you that I did the exercise you suggested me about being the creatures that attacked me in my dreams and it was weird but very interesting. I became a very invidious person for a few seconds. I felt envy for women who do or have what I want but I haven’t could. I never thought I could feel this. I had to go for a walk after this and breath. I never consciously felt envy before. I immediately understood that this feeling keeps me away from doing and having what I want. I also felt like attacking myself and I knew that this creature inside me represented the force that was causing me to commit suicide. Very scary exercise, but very positive. Thank you!! ”

    Just to say that the beautiful bird was always unconscious – below the water – until you started wondering who you are. It is you that you had never met before.


      -Bill 2014-08-31 22:50:47

      Hi Tony,
      First of all I really do appreciate you sharing your wisdom so generously!
      Your ideas ring very true to me. From my past perspective I’ve experienced these dreams as having a sense of deep mystery, discovery, impending discovery, cleansing and purity (in the ones where I get in the water), and a very strong sense of connection with Nature. Taking your advice and imagining myself as all the main characters in my dream (people in the visitor center, “me” –the man by the spring, white bird, limestone spring) I got a strong sense the beautiful white bird was a part of me that I am not usually in contact with. Imagining myself as the bird I wondered what the heck the person by the spring was doing there as “that kind” didn’t usually come here. The man on the shore was by himself though, which communicated to me that he was no threat and that he was there because he was a rare one who felt the connection to and significance of this place. Even so, as the white bird I still felt some irritation that the man was imposing into my “natural world”—interesting. As the bird I was “wild” and pure and just a little bit threatening. And imagining myself as the spring gave me the sense that I was a timeless infinite source of all, deep beyond measure. A source that abides. Thank you–I enjoyed that! I’ll look more at the resources you mentioned and will practice the “exploring your dream technique” for other dreams as well. Love your website! — BILL

        -Tony Crisp 2014-09-01 6:49:52

        Bill – You mentioned, “sharing your wisdom so generously”. It is my way of saying thank you for all I have been given. So much that it brings tears to my eyes as I remember the wonder, the pains wiped away, the vistas of what we are – amazing. And I am still learning so much – it seems as if there is an infinity to learning.

        The method of exploring will deepen in its effect as you use it over time.


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