Spring New growth, and what was latent is emerging, what was dead coming to life again. Spring may indicate that the seeds of what you have already sown through your actions are now springing into life or manifestation. It can also suggest a new start in business or relationship, or it can indicate childhood or youth.

Spring reminds us that we share this season of rebirth/reincarnation with nature itself. We too go through our own Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as we reach maturity, old age and death, and then spring again. For each Spring is different and yet lives again in different forms.

“In Spring we see the plants spring up out of the earth, and that which we see there as germinating, budding life, calls forth our joy and delight. We become aware that the whole of our existence is bound up with the plant world, for without it we could not exist. We feel how that which springs up out of the earth at the approach of Summer is related to our own life. We feel in the Autumn how that which in a certain sense belongs to us, again decays.” Quoted from Rudolph Steiner’s Lectures on Life.

Spring of water:

Free flowing feeling and rejuvenating energy. It often refers to your source of life and consciousness – the life that enlivens you that arises from unknown depths. This is especially so if the spring is in a cave or underground. It then suggests you are becoming more aware of your connection with universal life as in the following dream. See:  Water; River

I and a number of other people were in a chapel or church. There was a holy spring arising in a basin such as are found containing holy water outside Catholic churches. I drank some of this water, only a small medicine glassful. It was powerfully healing. Most of the people there drank some water, seeking to be healed. A man came and told me not to be too frugal with the water, as, although there was only a basin full, you could never empty it. The spring was perpetually replenishing it. I believe I filled containers to give to other people who could not get to the spring. I then partially awoke from this dream, and was aware of a vibratory force acting on my body. My feet were actually trembling, not through tension, but through the passage of this force.


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