Television TV

What you feel, understand or intuit about what is going on in other people’s lives or the world. Looking at the drama taking place in your own life that you may have overlooked. The strategy you use to blank out the world and relax.

In a sense watching TV is like travelling to the past – costume dramas – and to the future – science fiction. Can also be like travelling to strange places and meeting new experiences.


-confused in chicago 2012-11-14 15:04:21

My dream took place at my parents house (even though I have been out of the house since 2000. Father passed in 2007 and mom lives with brother & his family there now) So I had some siblings with my nieces & nephews stop at my parents house because they were told our Uncles (who are known mediums-yes it runs in the family) were stopping by to help us communicate with out lost loved ones. My mom & sister were told to go the back yard, my other sis (who lost her son last year) was waiting her turn in my parents room, & I waited in our living room so I can communicate with my sister who passed in 1992. The odd part is I looked out the window to the yard and found my brother & his wife buried up to their head in the ground! They are actually ok with this. Once I was about to speak to them, my uncle gave me these goggles & told me to look into the tv & look for the number 3 & press it (like my tv was a touchscreen to the other side). I tried so hard to press it but it would move to another place on the screen. The whole time I see these distorted images of other strangers who had passed including my cat…was never able to my see my sister who passed.

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