The strategies you use to deal with difficult emotions, or things you want to avoid. The coping skills you use to ward of difficult feelings and changes in circumstance.

Nowadays people use umbrellas to shield them from sunlight because they are terrified if getting skin cancer. But a nurse told me that such cancers are often caused by the person never exposing their skin so avoiding the building up natural defence, and then, even accidentally, being exposed with awful effects.

For millions of years we were exposed to sun’s rays which provided enough vitamin D. Some symptoms of a deficit in vitamin D include thinning or brittle bones, osteoporosis, or frequent bone fractures. muscle weakness, particularly if there is an unexplained change in muscle strength. changes in mood, with people who have low vitamin D experiencing anxiety or depression.

Sometimes we use the word umbrella to mean either a protection from a looming trouble, or “He runs a group of companies under the umbrella of Universal Foods”. So if I say to you or you dream that someone says, “You can shelter under my umbrella”, It is like offering great help in saying, “I offer you some shelter from the emotional storms and hurts that you may be subject to.”

Useful Questions

Are you an old umbrella?

Do you know you are carrying an umbrella?

What is the function of this umbrella?

Is the umbrella big enough to shelter you and something or someone else?


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