Under Underneath

This can imply a wide range of this depending on the dream context. It can suggest protection, when you are under a roof or a tree. It can imply being ruled or dominated by someone, or feeling them as superior, if you are in some way underneath them – as suggested by the idiom ‘under the thumb’. It can point to your own feelings of superiority if something or someone is underneath you in some way. The idiom ‘under a cloud’ also shows how we use this word to describe being depressed or down in spirits.

This might refer to the person you are beneath your social mask, the feelings and urges you have but may not admit to others or even yourself, and the less expressed or capable side of your nature, so something you hide. Or being under the ground level and basements representing our experience of not being aware, or simply aware of what is going on at the surface level of your everyday life. See Dimensions of Human Experience

Under or underneath can also relate to how you feel about your, or someone else’s, status or social or physical power. From that we have the phrase, ‘top dog, underdog’. Being under something can also show what you are struggling against, or that you feel is holding you down or even killing you. So being under a fallen house could suggest feeling crushed by the weight of family traditions, responsibility, marriage, children and all their needs. See Nothing Can Hurt You in Your DreamsDreams are a reflection of your inner worldMartial Art of the Mind

 If dreamer is under something or someone: Feeling suppressed; feeling weighed down or worried about something; feeling the underdog.

If dreamer sees something under them: Feeling the top dog; seeing your own less capable functions or self; looking down on others; having a wider view. See: Above; Underwear; Underground

Idioms: Come under; down under; under one’s wing; under the weather; under the thumb; under one’s hat; under a cloud; under one’s nose; under the counter; under the influence. See: The Unconscious.

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