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Walk Walking

Walking usually depicts personal effort, making your own way at your own pace. The conditions or surroundings where you are walking suggest what you feel about that, and the situation of your personal life. The direction you are walking shows where you are aiming to go in your activities and hopes. the future is represented by where you are going. If you are walking backwards, it suggests a wrong attitude.


-Martha 2012-08-27 17:36:07

I was at work and walking with another colleague in the hallway – I meant to go to someone else’s office. I realized that the offices were actually small houses and two girls in front of me were entering the office I was walking toward. I couldn’t walk fast enough and feel like someone is holding me and pulling me back. Then I finally arrived to the office and realized that I had to go to the bathroom – which was across the street from the building I was in (in real life is in the same building, of course).
Once in the street, four people were following me to the bathroom: two male friends (one ex-) and an old couple I did not know (little, tinny and dark skin). I could not go to the restroom in front of them so I choose another toilet and there were already two women there also. I couldn’t go either in front of those two.
This is a repetitive dream about not being able to go to the restroom because of other people being present.
Any advise is appreciated, thank you so much!

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