What Is Offered In The Dictionary

So how can we get into this magical world of our dreams and start to harvest the possibilities held there? The following pages of this book are designed to help, guide and inform on how to do this. The book is also a counsellor on what you may find in your dream adventure.

The information about dreams presented in this book has been gathered during fifty years of working with and studying dreams and the dream process. It synthesises the experience of personally helping hundreds of individuals explore their dreams. The examples used have been taken from a collection of over 8000 dreams put onto a computer filing system. The filing system was also used to define general associations with commonly used dream images.

The major input for definition however has arisen from the actual exploration of dreams undertaken by individuals. These are either people I have worked with personally who have deeply felt the emotions and issues behind their dreams, not simply talked them over and come to an intellectual interpretation but a deep insight, or are people who have written up their findings arising from similar work. Added to this is the commonly held associations we have through our language and the way we use imagery within speech. Of course your personal dream imagery may not be using the commonly held associations, or those used by other people, and so you must read the definitions with care and consider if these fit what is implied or dramatised in your dream.

In the entries in the Dictionary are explanations of the many different types of dreams and dream images. Despite some people’s attempt to explain dreams in one simple formula, dreams cover a huge range of phenomena and human experience. Amongst subjects covered in the book are thousands of entries on the researched meaning of the things, people, creatures and places we dream about. There are also many entries on special subjects such as symbols and dreaming; interpreting dreams; recurring dreams; nightmares; sex while asleep; teenage girls love dreams; precognitive dreams; talking in ones sleep; the dream as an adventure; science sleep and dreams; and many more.

There are a compete list of these Features and the  Archetypes covered.

Therefore, if you have dreamt of such things as your teeth falling out; being chased; or your marriage partner dying, you will find an explanation of your dream in the following pages.

The aim of the book is to help you make connections between your dreams and your everyday life; to discover more fully the powerful emotions and reactions that unconsciously direct your decisions and responses in waking. The book is not an attempt to give you merely ideas to play with, to agree or disagree with, like fortune telling. It can lead to real insights which empower you to make more of yourself, and find your way through the many decisions life confronts you with.

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