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Title: My Dream About My GF and My Father Having Sex
Post by: Hiroyuk1 on November 06, 2012, 11:17:05 AM
 :( >:( :'( Last month I dreamed of my long time girlfriend and my own father having sex under our old wooden couch in our living area and I caught them with my very eyes when I entered our house from the back gate. They saw me watching them and they seemed to be ignoring me and continued having sex. After a few seconds, I could not remember what happened next and what I remembered was that I was already awake. In addition, there was this history when my father invited my girlfriend to go w/him last 2007 to a university to inquire because he was planning to educate her w/his own allowance. He told her not to tell me about that thing and her mistake was that she agreed w/my father and she did not tell me. The reason that pushed her to agree w/my father was that she caught me cheating by asking her best-friend's shirt and underwear color through a cellphone and my father watched us fighting w/each other. A few days after they went to a somewhere university, my girlfriend confessed to me about what happened and my only suspicion in my mind became a sad reality. Now, me and my girlfriend's relationship is on the rocks because I keep being doubtful if they already have a mutual understanding or what specially when I dreamed about them having sex. Does my dream mean they are already having a secret affair? What does my dream mean? Please help me. I'm so depressed. I can't accept it if my suspicion's true.  :( >:( :'(
Title: Re: My Dream About My GF and My Father Having Sex
Post by: Tony Crisp on November 18, 2012, 02:12:35 PM
Please remember that your dreams are a virtual reality, and the people you dream of are figures we make in images that have meaning fro us. So please see - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/characters-or-people-in-dreams/

Title: Re: My Dream About My GF and My Father Having Sex
Post by: Hiroyuk1 on November 22, 2012, 06:01:00 PM
So does it mean they were having a relationship? Or is it just my strong suspicion? For there are factors to my deep suspicion. Thanks a lot anyway, sir! I'm getting real sad every time it comes to my mind. :)  :(
Title: Re: My Dream About My GF and My Father Having Sex
Post by: Tony Crisp on December 02, 2012, 09:54:00 AM
Hiroyuk1 - To gain a feeling of this, imagine yourself entering one of those game machine areas where youngsters can ride a motorbike, or ski down a slope. But instead of a simulation of a car, you discover a large machine that you can climb into and become completely enclosed. When you close the door, contacts link onto your body and head in the complete darkness. It is quiet as all the external sounds disappear, and you relax your hold on your body and senses. Your whole experience of yourself shifts as the external world melts away, along with your awareness of your body.
That is sleep.
But now – in the darkness a light glimmers. Gradually it takes shape. The shape of a person is suggested. In the time that follows he or she evolves form, moves, and you have full sensory experience. You are totally involved, with all your emotions and sexuality responding. Changes occur and you love, fight, fear, murder or bring to life again the person, who can become an animal, a devil, God or a bodiless voice lost in a sombre countryside. Your experiences are totally real, and you move through heaven and hell, despair and joy, darkness and light. Scenes from your past can be revisited – or totally new experiences can be felt so clearly, you are enriched.
That is a dream. There is nobody there except you, your imagination and your fears, your hopes and even, at times, wisdom. When my children were young at one period, all three of them were sleeping in the same bedroom. One night my eldest son started telling scary stories to frighten the younger ones. But the two younger ones fell asleep but the eldest son couldn’t sleep because he had frightened himself with the stories. Like my son, you can tell yourself scary stories and frightened yourself.
So why are you dreaming what you do except that you are frightened and think your father is more attractive than you are.

Title: Re: My Dream About My GF and My Father Having Sex
Post by: Tony Crisp on May 23, 2014, 08:44:40 AM
The fact is that in our deep unconscious inner child we usually fantasy/dream of having sex with a parent. That it was a close friend often means it is a substitution for yourself, because consciously we do not want to admit our desires.

Freud went on to describe some of the things people can't remember - and those things are downright disgusting. How could any decent human being say that a child at the age of three or four wants to have sexual relations with his father or mother?

Next here are quotes from the book Myself and I showing parts of a full therapy where the person discovers their own hidden secrets.

"And more important than any of these: I had always been sexually frigid.

I did not want to be that Evil Fur Thing at all. But try as I would, I could not put myself back in the crib as a baby. Somehow though, still lying between my parents, I changed from the Evil Fur Thing into a baby.  who began to grow smaller... much much smaller... so miniscule now that my parents did not even know I was in bed with them... and then they began to make love. I found myself a tiny creature, straddled across their united parts... feeling their pleasure... their pleasures ... yes, it was as if I were both my father's sex and my mother's sex, wondrous sensation... but why should I be feeling both pleasures?"

She goes on to experience sex with her father and to realise her own murderous feelings.  The truth is that we are only a thin coat of paint - our conscious self - over an amazing and huge unconscious self.