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Title: Hi, new here
Post by: Lauram on January 23, 2013, 04:51:46 PM
Hi everyone,

Recently I've had two dreams involving water, and decided to look it up especially since last night I was creating a scrying mirror.  I've recently returned to divination and thought perhaps there was something I was overlooking and  perhaps my dreams were reminding me.  It's always good practice to seek knowledge and so I found this wonderful site.  I host a MeetUp for tarot readers and have added the link and suggested they stop by, I think they will find it as enriching experience as I have and will want to visit often, I know I will.  Thank you Tony for sharing your story and knowledge.

Title: Re: Hi, new here
Post by: Tony Crisp on January 25, 2013, 08:48:42 AM
Hi Laura – I found your post very interesting, so hopefully will respond. But as I am working hard to upgrade everything in the Dream Dictionary and all pages, I might miss you. But I hope not. Being the only one behind the site it needs me to be pretty quick.  :) There are some other members of the Forum, really good, who may also have some interesting things to say.