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Title: A Broken Heart
Post by: Tony Crisp on April 19, 2013, 09:54:20 AM
I dreamt my past boyfriend of five years had come to tell me he is going to marry his ex-girlfriend. I am so distraught that I jump out the window, and break my neck. The paramedics come to gather me up and place a football helmet on my head. Then I am on my death bed in the hospital where I am crying and grieving for the hopelessness of the lost relationship. My old boyfriend holds my hand and very coldly says, “You are going to make a radiant corpse.” I wake feeling I had been given a message from my deeper 'self'. I had grieved for the last year without feeling I was able to move on.

Two days later I went to the doctor - I was having palpitations and dizzy spells. He told me I had a leaky valve in my heart. I felt this dream was my wake-up call! Since then I seem to have moved on in my life. I believe my broken heart manifested itself physically and my subconscious warned me of the damage.