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Title: Hello Tony
Post by: emilysb on November 15, 2010, 10:24:49 PM
I'm not very experienced with this forum thing but I was sleeping in my car in the car park outside the hall where amma had been giving darshan last weekend and I had a very vivid dream which I would love to know the meaning of.  I have been doing some online searching and I like what you have written on your site and was wondering if you could help me with my dream?

Title: Re: Hello Tony
Post by: Tony Crisp on November 16, 2010, 10:01:40 AM
Hi Emily - If you give me as many details as you can about the dream you had I will do my best to help. It sounds like an interesting dream that it followed your contact with Amma.

Title: Re: Hello Tony
Post by: emilysb on November 18, 2010, 09:25:32 PM
Dear Tony,

Thanks for taking the time for this.  I unfortunately didn't write down the dream at the time but it was very vivid and I can hopefully remember enough.

I was myself in the dream and surrounded by different people in my life (family and friends).  I came i to a situation where I was in a pet shop and I got a pet monkey (I think I bought it)  I didn't really plan to have it.  I remember thinking it was a surprise that I had the monkey but I accepted it and took it with me from the shop.  The monkey was small (about the size of a small cat) and light greyish in colour with darker bits under the head and on its limbs and tail. It was a boy.  I then moved to a different place along way away from where I had got the monkey and carried on with my dream in the new place.  I suddenly remembered I had forgotten the monkey and had this feeling of dread and guilt that there was this thing in my care and I had forgotten it.  This feeling was very strong.  Then someone told me the monkey was here and had followed me.  I then had this flash back in my dream and I saw what had happened as the monkey had followed me.  I had driven in a car and the monkey had constantly run behind the car hiding behind objects (eg fences, gates, lamposts) all the way so as not to be seen/caught but keeping the car in sight all the time and darting from one object to the next.  I called the monkey and it came out from it's hiding place and ran towards me and jumped into my arms.  This part was very significant to me as it was running towards me I had a fear it would hurt me maybe bite me but as it came into my arms it was soft and affectionate.  This happen again in the dream at least twice more.  I would forget about the monkey but as soon as I remembered it and call it it would appear.  It would always follow me but would only come to me when I called it.  Each time it appeared to me and ran to me there was this same fear that it would hurt me but each time it was soft and kind and nice to hold.  The dream ended by me waking up.

I hope you understand my description.  Please ask if you have any questions, personal or about the dream.  And thank you again for taking the time to look at my dream.

Title: Re: Hello Tony
Post by: Tony Crisp on January 11, 2011, 03:06:30 PM
Emily – What a fascinating dream! 

I feel your dream is portraying something special about how you relate to yourself. Sometimes the monkey is described as being thoughtless mischief maker, but I see something else in your dream. It is that ‘something else’ that has caused you to feel such strong feelings of dread and guilt. In fact there is a lot of love linking you with it and it to you. And I think it could bring tears if you recognise what part of you it is. 

That you forgot the monkey shows a struggle between you and the small creature that was willing to keep up with you. It is, I believe, an ancient struggle that few people are aware of. It is the struggle that goes on in each of us between our animal self and our cultured, educated and often tortured mind. Yet it is not a war, but a simple request to be recognised, respected and given a place in your life. 

It is a dramatic struggle involved in becoming a conscious and mature person. The struggle is in gradually emerging from the impulsive animal tendencies such as we see in social hierarchy, religious and political groups, one nation fighting another. So the monkey can depict your primal animal self that existed prior to developing self awareness. It can indicate the sexual and feeling conditions underlying your present socialised personality. 

But the monkey is also very wise with an instinctive wisdom millions of years old. If you can meet it and help it arise out of its instinctive responses, it gives you wisdom in exchange for the love it gives you. After all, what is human life but a gradual emergence from the processes of life, and often a complete denial of our ancient heritage? 

This example gives a view of this: 

From there I began to see human caring. It was as if I felt myself to be one of a group of monkeys. Within the group life was lived out of ones inner simplicity. But certain aged monkeys could attain a different level of awareness. They were called the White Haired Ones. I could become a White Headed One, but I would have to die in the sense of relinquishing my personal desires, fears and goals. Was I willing to do this? It had elements of risk. It might mean the end of life as I now lived it. But I had to take the risk. I was willing to die. 

I became a White Hair. I saw from the vision of the White Haired. It was so simple, so organic and life-filled. I am only a finger of life, only a tiny part of the organic, living, whole. I am only one member of a large group. Life, through its living organism, cares. In the group of monkeys, if the mother dies, a sister or brother cares for the baby. Each individual is only one cell in the whole body. If that person goes away or dies, life, in the form of another person, cares for the children, or fills the needs of the adult. 

My concern is not simply for my own children, any child is the children of all of us. It is only our bodies that were their doorways, but they are the children of Life. As a White Head, I must concern myself not just for the care of my own children, but any that may be near me. That is the simple wisdom of Monkey.