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Title: fear & intuition!
Post by: wellworld on November 22, 2010, 11:03:05 AM
          Hi :)
       How can we distinguish the feeling of fear from the feeling of intuition?
       Some times is really hard to anderstand... i will appreciate any help!
Title: Re: fear & intuition!
Post by: Tony Crisp on November 23, 2010, 11:01:57 AM
Dear Wellworld - Maybe you have already read this piece but I include it just in case:

To get the best out of the process of intuition, always seek the end result of actually understanding. I have found, in teaching people practical ways of using intuition, we can have a conversation or develop communication with the process. The first uprisings of intuition may be in symbols in images or body movements, or in bold verbal statements, depending upon how it shows itself. The process must not be left at this stage, but led to an expression of further information which unfolds the meaning and leads to understanding. For instance, my wife squatted in answer to a question she asked, so squatting was only a symbolic body movement, a mime, until it connected with her past squat and was understood to refer to the spot where she lost her glasses. So if your body mimes something, you need to ask what it is trying to describe by holding that question in your mind.

Never forget that your unconscious is a massive reservoir of everything. It is not only wise, but also just under the surface are all your personal fears and prejudices, all your cultural clich├ęs and limitations. Sometimes we have to wade through these - the 'housework' - before we can get at useful information and insights. To 'wade through' you have to avoid being satisfied with apparently prophetic or sweeping statements. What you receive must be critically measured against real events and your history. Freud found most people have powerful resistances to actually seeing or experiencing the truth about themselves.

This is where your conscious rational and critical evaluation comes in. Without it you may be adrift in symbols and the expression of attitudes that need to be transformed. All the time aim to link what arises from within to your own here and now history and what can be observed externally.

Quoted from Using Your Intutition - On Amazon Kindle Store.

As I say, fear doesn't offer real connections that can be checked.

Title: Re: fear & intuition!
Post by: wellworld on November 24, 2010, 10:34:26 AM
            Thank you for your time!  :)