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Title: messages in dreams
Post by: alyssad on May 26, 2013, 03:14:43 PM
Hi, I'm curious about finding out the kind of dreams I'm having. I don't know that the dreams I'm having are intuitive or just things that I'd like to happen (wish fulfillment). Sometimes, I have dreams that look like I'm receiving an email. I don't see anything except something that looks like a typical email message. This "email message" usually is from a person that I speak to in real life or online. These dreams usually say things that the person does not tell me. I don't know if these dreams are actual things the person likes to say or things that possibly can happen in the future. I usually remember the dreams a couple minutes after I get up then I forget later on that it happened, unless I make a memo about that dream. I've had a dream last night that came from I person I talk to that said "In time, we will meet. You just need to be patient". I mostly like to know if these dreams are happening. Are they messages of things to happen in the future or just "wish fulfillment". I've heard that Freud said that people have dreams based on things they'd like to happen. The strange thing is that I had dreams about a person I used to like in the past, and I used to think this most likely would not to talk to me again. Then, I seen in one dream that looked like an email messages about meeting up with this person, though I haven't spoken to them in a couple years. Another message, they said that they "always liked  me". I got up the nerve to talk to this person online again, and strangely enough, this same person told me that they "liked me in the past" and that "they'd like to see me in person again". This came from the person at one time said that they'd never like to talk to me. I'm curious if these "email message" dreams are things predicting future or not. I think sometimes they are or if they are things I'd just like to happen (I usually like the things to actually happen in real life)  Thanks!
Title: Re: messages in dreams
Post by: Tony Crisp on May 28, 2013, 08:44:31 AM
Alyssad – I believe there are very few dreams predicting the future – but there are many dreams indicating that we share ‘mind space’ with people. In sleep we often enter a dimension of ourselves that is like a communal pool of awareness. So if someone feels something about us or thinks of us we can pick it up.

But like all things it is not an actual transfer of thoughts, but rather like when we see something with or eyes, light enters our eyes which is then transferred to our brain by nervous impulses; these in turn are translated into visual images. So your dreams are most likely your interpretation of what was received – so they are good ‘indications’ of what the original thought was. It is a good gift to have and could be developed.

Title: Re: messages in dreams
Post by: alyssad on May 29, 2013, 05:15:57 AM
That's very interesting to hear that it's possible to receive messages from people via your dreams. It sounds like certain people can't hide from things from me! How does a person become better at using this ability? Is this some type of psychic ability?
Title: Re: messages in dreams
Post by: Tony Crisp on May 30, 2013, 09:06:57 AM
Alyssad – From what I understand, it isn’t that some people can’t hide things from you. I did a test with this in a group. We went round the group and tried to get impression of what was happening in them. We got impressions from all but one person – my wife. She told us that nobody was going to get into her.

So if a message comes through it is because the person is open to you. Also it helps enormously if the person is asking something of you. But you could try using http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/using-your-intuition-1/