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Title: Open door, children, books & reading
Post by: Romanov on October 03, 2010, 12:15:46 PM
Hi Tony,

I am so glad to be on this forum.  Your authored dream dictionary was the first ever book on dreams that I bought when I realized my dreams meant something.  Intellectually your book is miles ahead of a few others that I have managed to go through.  And I am excited to post my dream here for your interpretation.

"I am walking though a long passage and hear voices reading.  I stop by a door that opens three quarters inside a room.  I feel that there are some children sitting on the floor, and stories are being read to them.  As I stand by the door observing, a little boy said that he would like to go on a honey moon, and I reply amused, that whats the hurry, you can go on a honey moon when you grow-up.  Then like a full view, I see the face of the boy, who is very round and cute, probably 2-3 yrs old.  While I am thinking that he is cute, the view moves to show an even cuter 5-6 yr old girl.  And in my dream I am thinking that she is even cuter than the boy.  Both of them seem to be looking at me.  The scene changes, and it focuses on a hand holding a considerably big book.  The book is open and the hand is pointing to the open white page with the some picture/ photo and story. The story is written in my local language that is written from right to left."

In the dream I am wearing a pony-tail, in reality I have short hair.  And the tinge of the dream is yellowish black.

In reality a couple of days before this dream, I had an interview in an organization that works for helping children.  But I have since then received a regret from them.  So what does this dream mean, if it was not pointing to this opportunity? About myself, I am single working woman in my late thirties, working outside my country.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Title: Re: Open door, children, books & reading
Post by: Tony Crisp on October 04, 2010, 01:55:07 PM
Romanov – The walking through the long passage has a feeling of going somewhere, of being in-between where you are leaving and where you will arrive. Obviously this is a picture of you at the moment, looking for meaningful occupation.

The open door doesn’t in fact open fully, but just gives you an insight into a possibility – a room. Then the children talk about a relationship that they are still too young – emotionally to follow through on.

But it is the book that is open before you – perhaps the book of your life, projecting forward into the future. So I feel you need to imagine yourself back in your dream at that point and see if you can see any of the story it portrays. See the title Carry the dream forward in the feature http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/processing-dreams/


PS And thank you for your comments on Dream Dictionary. I did put a lot into the book, and am still trying to improve it
Title: Re: Open door, children, books & reading
Post by: Romanov on October 05, 2010, 04:19:59 PM
Hi Tony,

It is true, that I am looking for an organization whose cause is more meaningful than the one I work for right now.  I am looking for change both personally & professionally. :-\

Honestly my mind will need a lot of disciplining before I can do the " carry forward the dream" exercise.  But I will definitely try to focus.  Thanks for your help.