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Title: Dreaming of a bus (reoccurring dreams)
Post by: Barney on October 17, 2013, 06:54:08 PM

First I love this website. I just found it.

I have been dreaming of a bus for a long time…
I actually hate this dream because it does not make me feel good.

Last night dream, I was visiting a friend’s house. I have never been to her house. I brought my dog with me. He was sick and would completely flatten out in the sand when he plays with my friend’s dog. My friend’s dog was sick too, also flattened on the sand. This was frightening experience.

I felt bad so I decided to take the bus. We walked up a hill and saw the bus coming from down the hill (it is hilly area…) and then for few seconds, I could not see the bus. There was a tree or a corner of something that blocked…but luckily enough the bus stopped right behind the corner (that was the actual bus stop) and the dog and I made to the bus and got on. There was a moment here and there with the bus driver but do not recall fully.

Then there was time to take care of my dog and the toilet was absolutely clogged! I had to pull clothes in there…and there was poop all over it. This should be my dog’s poop but looked so much like human poop. I was frustrated in this scene.

***that is for last night***

My previous dreams contained lots of buses. Taking the bus, waiting for the bus. Seeing the bus driver, paying the rate. Missing the bus (this is not very common). But definitely taking the bus is so common I started not to like it!

What do you think? Thank you so much. I really appreciate this.

Title: Re: Dreaming of a bus (reoccurring dreams)
Post by: Tony Crisp on October 18, 2013, 08:39:24 AM
Barney – The bus usually signifies direction we are heading that need us to rub shoulders with others – usually strangers, although there are not real strangers in our dreams. But it depends what we associate with being on the bus. As an example I was recently asked by a man who had given no thought to dreams how on earth you could extract any meaning from them. He was wearing a fairly old T-shirt, so I said, "OK, let’s imagine you dreamt of your T-shirt, what would you make of that?"

After a while he said, "I don't know that I would make anything of it."

My response was to say, "Right, but now tell me where you bought the T-shirt, and what memories it has for you." Whereupon he told me, with some hesitation his memories of being abroad, and that the shirt was part of memories that he didn't want to talk about. Not only did he realise he had very powerful associations with the T-Shirt, but he wanted to hide them.

So take time to explore your associations - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/association-of-ideas-with-dreams/#Working

Visiting a friends house suggests a close relationship with her – that is the dream her not the actual person. So again what do you associate with her. http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/characters-or-people-in-dreams/

But from what you say about the dream it seems as if there is an awful influence that flattened your natural responses to situations. And maybe that was what caused the clogged toilet because it sounds like you have a lot of what I call ‘inner housework’ to do getting rid of stuff. Maybe using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/practical-techniques-for-understanding-your-dreams/ might help, or even http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/

But please read http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/

Title: Re: Dreaming of a bus (reoccurring dreams)
Post by: Barney on October 18, 2013, 01:39:37 PM
Hi Tony,
I just took the chance to post and was not really expecting a response so soon.

I hope you are well and enjoying life. Thank you so much for writing back. I am surprised!

I feel I am on hold in my life. I have not had a decent relationship for 16yrs (I am 42). I am super healthy, I work, I love my dog, and I have in practical purpose a good life. I am also aware of my emotional isolation (I am not physically – I have a lot of friends and I cherish strangers – I do not actually believe strangers).

I dated a lot and felt disgusted with it so for a year and half, I completely stopped thinking and doing dating. It is painful decision but the alternative was also just as painful. I struggle with this like some people struggle with weight...it is easy to say lose weight just as easily to say go on a date. I just do not enjoy it and do not want to waste my time or theirs so I avoid men...mainly by body language. Not looking, not showing interest. I am just exhausted. I do get a lot of attention from men and this exasperates my issues...and that adds more to my defense when everybody is curious why I do not find a man…because it is not lack of them, it is lack of my confidence, self esteem and that deep weird feeling what do I have to offer really? I do not have a lot of money (I can take care of me fine)…I have nice body but OK for how long until age and reality take over, I feel I have nothing to offer. I cannot shake this feeling no matter how much I get credit for always laughing and having good time. I know I could love a person, but can I be loved? I have no reference on that in the past…as far and as deep as I went!

I struggle with this. On one hand, I feel independent, taking care of myself, self sufficient. On the other hand, I feel my life has not started yet without having love, experiencing love, and sharing life with a person. Funnily enough, I use the expression; I am at a bus stop in my life! So maybe that is where the bus is coming from. I want to stop the bus stop feeling.

I am tired of waiting but also I am afraid to admit this is it for life - no love ever! It is hard to swallow both decisions ...accepting life as it is being single and never being loved by a partner or just go through the struggle of always dating and having bad energy left by people that I do not connect with.

I got along much better with strangers than with my family. My family judges me harshly as a result I minimize my interaction by consciously or subconsciously but I am acutely aware of this. I do not have negative thoughts about them anymore or I am aware of my thoughts and I stop when they come up.

Though on the outside, I have a very independent streak, on the inside, I admit, I am not as strong as everybody gives me credit for. I am not sure how to show them how vulnerable I am…without it becoming too theatrical…also I rather not lose my ground, cause who will catch me, if I fall? I simply cannot afford losing it…but I am losing it by holding all up too.

I read your site yesterday and realized more or less, the bus situation was exactly how my life is. I feel stuck of accepting life as it is today no love and I am afraid to even  hope or pray for love in the future without losing my head and living too much in the far future.

The toilet scene in my dream was literally very real to me. I felt backed up into a corner. I do not know how to release this energy. I have no one intimate to talk to and I do not want to annoy or bother my friends…Besides, they will not understand what I am talking about since they all think I make being single/emotional independence look good. People come to me with their problems because I am very supportive and extremely empathetic, but if I ever say I feel lonely, I get perplexed look! Just because I have a lot of friends and I am extremely good with strangers…I make friends very easy because I connect with people in a very deeply way that we do not forget each other, even a short interaction. I always had that impact on people and I almost always believe everybody has a story and I am very genuinely interested to hear – this is probably my greatest quality. Unfortunately it does not get me an intimate love but gives me a lot company.
Title: Re: Dreaming of a bus (reoccurring dreams)
Post by: Barney on October 19, 2013, 03:08:11 PM
I hope you all enjoy this:
Title: Re: Dreaming of a bus (reoccurring dreams)
Post by: Tony Crisp on November 21, 2013, 01:21:23 PM
Hi Barney - Yes, I too was thrilled by the idea of this method when I came across it about 35 years ago. But I now see it as only touching the very surface of dreams. You have to dive into them, into ones fears and hugeness - the unconscious to really meet them.

I hope to meet you there.