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Title: Can't figure out what this dream means
Post by: justme* on March 04, 2011, 05:50:39 PM
I gave my son some of my Dad's stuff, after he passed away, and my Dad was so angry.  I tried to get him to tell me why he was so mad, but  he wouldn't say,  So I told him I had too much stuff for one person and I prefer to be generous and share.

There's a long haired cat in a dresser drawer.  I made the drawer more comfortable place for it to sleep by adding a blanket.  As I'm petting it, it turns into a Japanese woman with huge hemorrhoids.  I tell her she needs to see a doctor for them and I can't help.

I'm working on art, a place setting.  I almost have it the way I want and I have to move from where I'm working.  I think I find a place to set up, but suddenly someone else is in that place.  I see another spot, but it is suddenly too small.  I can't find a place near Tom or my friends.  I have to go off alone.

I find a place, it's not exactly what I want and I'm uncomfortable, but it's where all the other dish people are.  I find the perfect design for the silverware, but can't find the pieces I need.  I'm tired and leaning against a man, who gives me a hug.

Cindy Crawford shows up and drags me to see her representation of my art from before.  She's very enthusiastic.  It's a huge statue of a smiling woman skating or running wearing a copper colored beaded 1920s dress.  She thinks it great, I'm kind of horrified by it.

I'm back at my work station, across the room a man waves a piece of the silverware I have and wants to make it part of his pattern or he wants to help me find what I  need (it's not clear).  I find myself back where I began with the cat in the drawer.
Title: Re: Can't figure out what this dream means
Post by: Tony Crisp on March 08, 2011, 10:16:22 AM
JustMe – There are several themes going on in your dream. One is that you are trying to make a comfortable place to be for yourself, and it is frustrated.

Another is that you are finding it difficult to be satisfied with your work.

You get acclaim but you do not like what you see.

There is a feeling that your father was critical of you at some time, and this is still a strong influence about the way you see and criticise yourself.

The haemorrhoids are often a sign of internal tension.

It seems that in the dream you move on quite often because other people take what is your space or you are unsatisfied, and it sounds like there is a passive side to you that allows this. So please read the entry http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/active-passive/

I quote the following not because it is directly about you. “Sometimes this social indoctrination may lead to such a burden of guilt and suppression that it can create psychic cripples. Trying to do all the ‘right’ things may lead us to the point where ‘we can’t say no to a glass of water without a pang of guilt.’”

So I wonder if there is any information in the following for you: http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-female-choice/

But it certainly would suggest you changing the scenes in your dream to ones that will make you feel more satisfied. This is not always easy as we usually have reasons behind our choice. I had a dream years ago about crashing my car, and was pleased about it. When I explored the dream I found that I wanted to destroy my ability to work, because then I would never amount to anything. And that would be a kick in the teeth for my mother. The car represented my drive/impulse to work.

So you could use the technique described here: Imagine yourself in the dream and continue it as a fantasy or daydream. Alter the dream in any way that satisfies. Experiment with it, play with it, until you find a fuller sense of self expression. It is very important to note whether any anger or hostility is in the dream but not fully expressed. If so, let yourself imagine a full expression of the anger. It may be that as this is practised more anger is openly expressed in subsequent dreams. This is healthy, allowing such feelings to be vented and redirected into satisfying ways, individually and socially. In doing this do not ignore any feelings of resistance, pleasure or anxiety. Satisfaction occurs only as we learn to acknowledge and integrate resistances and anxieties into what we express. This is a very important step. It gradually changes those of our habits which trap us in lack of satisfaction, poor creativity or inability to resolve problems.

Title: Re: Can't figure out what this dream means
Post by: justme* on March 08, 2011, 01:27:40 PM
Hi Tony,
Thank you so much!  Yes, my father was very critical of me, well of everyone.  I am very very good at my job and am extremely unhappy in what I find myself doing for a living, but feel I must stay since I am very close to retirement age.  I will read the other information you've listed and work on changing the scene.  Your analysis is very helpful for me.
Thank you again!
Title: Re: Can't figure out what this dream means
Post by: Tony Crisp on March 09, 2011, 01:15:46 PM
Thank you. It helps me so much to have feedback - even if it is to tell me I missed the mark.

I was trying to find a quote from a woman I worked with one to one. It was about the massive influence of the father. Couldn't find it but here is a bit.

I guess it’s a process that needs to occur bit by bit: you can't turn over ingrained belief patterns all at once. The other day my neck tension became very painful and wearing and I felt very demoralised because I thought all my progress was an illusion. The next day I woke in a state of terror and anxiety but the tension had gone. "Good," I thought, "I would rather have the terror". And I have been trying to keep the terror and investigate it. It is the terror that I will not know how to deal with what life brings, or how to cope, and the resulting emotions will be overwhelming and ultimately blow me apart. So there are issues of self-trust, but I think that is because I am assuming that I'll be using my father's rules. I have to convince myself that if I use my rules, life will be a beach!