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Title: Money and being on a path of discovery
Post by: ant on March 07, 2014, 05:09:46 PM
Tony. Everyone. Has any one else struggled with this one. You are on a path and you are aware of a lot of what is not exactly mainstream. You have a job, partner, kids, house,bills etc, and sometimes its tough. We know there are lots of people worse of than ourselves, but it can get quite wearisome keeping our heads above water. Its nice to sometimes get a break which gives us some time to follow are own individual callings.

If you look on the internet there is a billion dollar industry based on the law of attraction which has been around for millennia; many traditions have methods for the law of attraction and it appears to be part of the human heritage. Some of the books and courses available seem to really feed the ego in its fear of lack. We all know that we are not are possessions but we do need money to barter with whilst here during our experiences on this planet. Has any body come across or can point towards a system that really works....and I don't mean 'the secret'. Is it through an awareness of our own being that we can get the answers for this, or maybe by the grace of the universe we are capable of being in a flow of abundance where all our needs are taken care of. Does anyone have a take on this. I just wondered what else lies underneath this mountain of information on the LOA........or maybe its just your own belief which when strong enough will help out in the material parts of our lives. I hope you can see where I'm going with this. I would be very grateful of everyones views on this.
Love and light
I talk better than I write. Hopefully this makes sense.
Title: Re: Money and being on a path of discovery
Post by: Tony Crisp on March 09, 2014, 10:21:01 AM
Ant - I am an old man now - 77 - and have lived a very varied life. With five children I had to work hard at low paid jobs and was always behind and in debt. I never had the sense to go for higher paid jobs, being born two months premature prior to intensive care and antibiotics I had a struggle to just survive. So my huge urge was to get back to the womb to recover myself - not get high paid jobs.

But over the years I have learnt some fundamentals. One I learnt when about thirteen - your past and present actions and state of mind create your present and future. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/karma-and-past-lives/

I also had a wonderful dream telling me that the way to what I yearned for was not to run off to constantly searching for spiritual things or to struggle to get rich, but to go back to my ordinary life and really live it as best I could. It was a very hard lesson to learn. I see it described in the Bhagavad Gita - living without grasping for oneself, and meeting the pain and the pleasure of life, not simple going out for pleasure.

I can only say I believe in that way I met and dealt with a lot of my negative karma - As described in http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/

Although I have never charged for what I do on this site, and despite never charging the enormous prices many healers and therapist charge I became rich enough to do whatever I want and to survive. But on my long journey and many times working abroad I learnt that I do not need very much. What would I do with  an enormous house and car? Just more load to carry. I have to smile seeing the media’s idea of a good time as sitting in an expensive restaurant with a glass in ones hand. I do not have the urge to travel, for I know that I am a river that flows through all time and cultures. I do not have need to visit or be visited by friends because I feel in a subtle but wonderful way the past places and people I have known and your presence here in my life.

Maybe I am an alien, but I do not feel that. I truly feel that I am a creature of this earth that started as the very lowest form of life, and through enormous time gradually developed a body complicated enough to reach self awareness. And now I am still only a child of the  Life process, that has through further and wonderful struggle and facing of ones own potential seen a great expanse of life that we can still discover if we have the courage and the strength.

As it says many times in the Bible, the worker deserves his wages. But the work described is working in the garden of our inner world. We will always get our needs. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/jesse-watkins-experience-of-enlightenment/

Title: Re: Money and being on a path of discovery
Post by: Tony Crisp on March 11, 2014, 12:05:57 PM
I suddenly saw the grotesque as a sort of medicine against what is going on all around us.  The madness of the world.  What is going on all around, however, is life.  It is.  And as much as we might not admire it, it is what is going on.  It is the subject of life.  It is what the creative moment is bringing into being.  It doesn’t matter what is created, because it is all a sort of play.  It is a huge virtual reality, a huge film, in which no matter what events are played out, nobody is hurt. However, as humans we tend to judge everything.  By doing so we shut ourselves off from really participating, seeing, and understanding.  I don’t think that has anything to do with morals, with right or wrong.  It is to do with what we allow ourselves to experience. 

 In this sense, where it says in the new testament, judge not and be not judged, it is not talking only about the way we relate to the world, but the way the world relates to us. 

 In the moments of my greatest awareness this life seems to be a playground.  We are all so young, and it is silly to feel superior.  We are all so tiny, and it is on the goodwill of the beings, huge beyond imagination, that we exist.  They care for us.  Can you imagine it?  This gas breathing, farting, sex banging bag of water – yet they see we have value and potential. 

 Hey – let me put my gym slip on and I will be with you in a moment. 

No, that is me being condescending and this has nothing to do with condescension.  We are not being laughed at because of our animal propensities or our primitive level of existence.  Our need to gorge with food, to screw regularly, or to breakdown easily under stress – we are not being laughed at because of these.  Life forms go through those stages and we are being nursed through ours. 

Those of us that grow well move on quickly.  Some never survive.  There is nothing in them or of them that has either the will or a spark of life or creativity to carry them on.  There is no love, and no lust, to carry them on.  As primitive as we might sometimes consider lust to be, it is one of the prime movers in life.  Without lust, without love, fear or anxiety – nirvana. 

There was another bit that I haven't put into a poem yet, but will try sometime. I actually experienced what it would be like to be somebody within whom all desire and motivation for life gradually melted away.  They literary melted away also.  What had been a sense of self disappeared until it merged back into the fundamental energy of the cosmos.  Nothing of them was left.  I had never considered or seen nirvana to be anything like that. This again gives me the image that we are waves on a shoreless sea, existing only because of the energy flowing through the tiny vortex of energy that has been brought about by physical existence and the fragile sense of self or identity. This leaves me with the view that lust is incredibly important. Without the enormous drive of lust, love, ambition and even dominance, the identity might well fade away. 
Title: Re: Money and being on a path of discovery
Post by: ant on March 11, 2014, 01:15:20 PM
 I used to shout at the heavens. What the hell is going on. You wait till I get up there, I'll tell you lot. I now kind of know I know that what I am going through is growth. I just wish I could remember the small print on the contract.
On a more serious note I can categorically state that if you do ever fall because you just cant work out what to do....you will be caught. I feel we are children and sometimes one imagines that this planet is a training ground. The constant being of isness continues to expand and we are part of it. I would sometimes like more answers to my questions but I think I will just watch and see where I get carried.

I enjoyed your previous replies and have been through all the links. The book on the holographic universe gives me more questions. When I have finished reading the book I'll let you know. Lifestream is fascinating and to me is obviously true....... my observer is just watching everything as my awareness develops. Strange really. Things are answered and the body heals without my help. Is there also a spiritual homeostasis. There must be. But surely this can only be in the dualistic universe that we seem keen to explore....sometimes forgetting that this onion has a lot of layers. These ideas remind of some of the writings of Robert Anton Wilson. He seemed to be trying to help people get out of their boxes.

The lifestyream is very strong and I never before realised I had been resisting it so much. About 16 years ago I gave up on my spiritual quests thinking to live a normal life. Funny how things come around. Here I am. Just jumped of the fence. Look its true you can fly.
PS. Perhaps we are all becoming fawcets for the universal energy. Its just that we are very good at turning the tap off.