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Title: Chin, Boss and Plant
Post by: Romanov on July 14, 2014, 06:13:43 PM
Hi Tony,

Sending this dream to you, as I can't make out if its a good or a bad omen.

Its an office set-up, and my boss (real life one), is indulgently holding my chin, and moving it from side to side and says something I can't remember.  He then moves somewhere, and I am thinking (as I have been thinking in real life, that i can't go to the office without a scarf, otherwise it seems my chest is for public viewing), other than that, I have to tolerate this too, around here.  My boss is then telling me something about a girl who works in ICSU.  As he is walking towards a partial open door, I ask him, what is ICSU, he turns around and pleasantly tells me that "you need to find it out yourself.".  I am then sitting in a cubicle, working on an excel sheet, trying to find out about ICSU!  And behind me is a half open, sliding window, through which I can seen a tree with lime green/fresh green leaves (its a common plant here, but I can't remember its name right now).

ICSU turned out to be International Council of Scientific Union, and I currently work in advertising!

Please make some sense of the dream to me.

Title: Re: Chin, Boss and Plant
Post by: Tony Crisp on July 18, 2014, 09:44:50 AM
Romanov – I have to go with my feelings in this dream, because there are no major symbols, just human responses.

But the boss seems to be a guiding and directing influence in your life. The action of moving your chin seems to be one of affection, as one might do to a favourite child. Your response is that I think you might be saying, “Okay, but I do not want to appear sexually attractive to him.”

Your boss mentions the girl and her work – this is a typical dream trick. It means the girl is you, and the dream is a way of telling you to be aware that you work within an international situation, so do not think just locally, and not just think about how you will appear to others, because you are part of a much bigger picture – an amazing opportunity.

Title: Re: Chin, Boss and Plant
Post by: Romanov on July 20, 2014, 07:27:25 PM
You have provided interesting insights Tony!

Well currently I am working for a local company, its not even an MNC!  While in my recent past, I was associated with an INGO, and I was working outside of my country of birth for many years....  So having returned back home and working for a local agency, I have been feeling a bit trapped, and too localized...

I guess I need to value, what I have.  Thanks a million!