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Title: Double and Single beds
Post by: Romanov on October 14, 2014, 07:20:02 PM
Hi Tony,

I know this is work related dream, and the last part is what intrigues me most.

Its a pitch black night.  I wonder if its 07:00 p.m. and time to leave? On an open rooftop I walk towards my boss.  He makes some facial expression and I realize that I need to go after an employee who has gone upstairs and is looking at different pipes on the wall.  After I go up the stairs and talk to the staff, I come down to the roof top again.  And I tell my boss that employees will make more work for themselves!! He nods, agrees and repeats the same statement.

He then leads me to two adjacent rooms on side of the rooftop.  Through the window in the room, I see two neatly made, white, double -beds, standing side-by-side.  And in a smaller connected room there is a single bed, again white and neatly made.  There is a water cooler standing on a side too.

Then there is a red Toyota car, that moves out of its parking position and leaves.  Apparently the girl driving the car is my ex-Thai friend.  I look through the window of the rooms again, and exclaim, that "she has also taken her single bed with her!!" So the smaller room is now empty and the focus is on the neatly made double beds.

For reference , my Thai friend used to sit very late in the office. She had very little personal life left.  In my new job, I have been keeping late hours too. My boss has a brother, who is "almost" another boss for me!  So I am wondering if these two double beds refer to both of them in anyway?

And why the night? Most of my dreams always show the dark sky/night?


Title: Re: Double and Single beds
Post by: Tony Crisp on October 16, 2014, 09:45:31 AM
Romanov -  I feel this is about relationships in the workplace. The red car driving away changed the whole situation, and I have a feeling, but I don’t know why, that getting to know more about the people who work there will enhance the work situation.

The two double beds, shown within the building, suggests the importance of easy relationships and their neatness shows good work ethics. Also the darkness of the scene suggests what is happening - the dynamics of the firm - is largely hidden or unconscious.

This was not an easy one to understand, so I hope it helps.

Title: Re: Double and Single beds
Post by: Romanov on October 17, 2014, 08:12:34 PM
Thank you Tony, it always helps!