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Title: dentist office
Post by: Mikey22 on November 24, 2014, 12:05:26 PM
Dreamt I was going to the dentists office with a friend of mine.  He gave me a long white lab coat to wear to make it look like we were doctors/dentists.   He went in and as I was coming behind him, I slipped and fell over.  I was unhurt but embarrassed, and when I looked up I was happy to see that no one saw.  After getting inside they called my name and I went up to the desk.  They gave me a prescription I have never heard of.  On the bottle it said that it "was for calming, but not to be taken by those who are over active with the main vein."  I am assuming the last part was a phallic reference-but this whole dream is confusing for me.

I also dreamt last night that I was speeding in a car, my father was driving it.  We wrecked and I woke up afraid.  I have dreamt of speeding in a car with my father many times before, sometimes we were pulled over by police, but this is the first time we wrecked.
Title: Re: dentist office
Post by: Tony Crisp on November 26, 2014, 08:29:00 AM
Mikey22 - Without knowing what you associate with your friend I have to guess about the rest of the dream.

But it does seem you were there falsely and I wonder what you were both up to. The falling over seems to be a clue, falling can link with your social image such as loss of face or sustaining beliefs. It often involves tension, loss of social grace or moral failure – such as falling into temptation. But in your case it seems it was more about ‘being seen’ and not liking the feeling of what people will think of you.

But in some way you were noticed and were called to the desk. The prescription is ‘something to be taken’ seriously - advice from your unconscious. It is suggesting you practising some way of relaxing. The main vein you associate with sex, but it could relate to your tone or mood, as with, “he continued his speech in a more light-hearted vein.”

Title: Re: dentist office
Post by: Mikey22 on November 26, 2014, 12:35:25 PM
Thanks so much Tony.
As far as the friend goes, it is good you brought it up, what I associate with him is certainly significant.  He is mainly a business associate (we are both carpenters and in the construction business), and he actually worked for me for a few years.  He has a habit of chasing money and women in situations that are not good for him, and he usually ends up right back where he started.  He is good at heart-but I think he ends up in these situations often because he is looking for an easy way around responsibility.
I have to admit that I have been working toward a career change lately that I envision as a way around responsibility.  Perhaps I should learn from him that in the end there is no way to avoid responsibility.  Considering that our current careers are very similar, I wonder if the lab coats we are wearing show we are trying to be something we aren't?  Like doctors or dentists?
Title: Re: dentist office
Post by: Mikey22 on November 26, 2014, 12:37:36 PM
Perhaps the main vein is the spinal column?  As in my energy supply?  I have a habit of being tense and hurried at work.
Title: Re: dentist office
Post by: Tony Crisp on November 27, 2014, 08:09:45 AM
Mikey22 - Try some of these methods http://dreamhawk.com/health-and-healing/lessons-in-relaxation-part-3/