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Title: House dream
Post by: Mernel on January 09, 2015, 12:14:48 AM
Hi everyone thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to comment on my dream.

I arrived at a house I think I was buying the house or going to move there or thinking about buying the house. Someone said that this house is nearer the sea than most. And in fact it was it was built right next to the sea it a large very high old terraced house I think they were all a kind of dilapidated red color. The waves of the sea were literally hitting the top windows of the house. However this was safe and was doing no damaging to the houses of the terrace. There were dolphins crashing into the houses. And there noses became misshapen when they hit the houses. I thought this hurt them but then I realized it didn't. I thought that dolphins were intelligent animals. Then as I thought this I think I started talking with one of them. I cant remember anymore.
Title: Re: House dream
Post by: Tony Crisp on January 09, 2015, 09:23:15 AM
Mernel - A dream in which you developed communication with an important part of you - your core self. At least a step nearer. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/core/

The house and the move to it near the sea represent a change in yourself which enables you to get near your core self - the sea. The waves - your inner energy - were hitting the top windows. I other words was waking up your ability to sense and be aware of life in a new way. But remember that dreams take place deep within us while our ego, our personality, is asleep, so it will take time for it to be recognised by your waking self.

The dolphins are a living expression of your core self that were trying to get your attention - which you managed to achieve - a real advancement. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/brain-levels-and-dreams/

You communicated with a part of you that is a link with the depths of your nature, but you have still not brought this to waking awareness. So try http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson or http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/paper/#Writing

You may need to practise using these to get real result. You will open a completely new way of life if you do.

Title: Re: House dream
Post by: Mernel on January 09, 2015, 01:30:35 PM
the waves may not have been hitting the top windows, perhaps a little below. Thanks for your reply!