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Title: Port, crowd, containers, forward
Post by: ToBeAware on July 01, 2011, 10:15:25 AM
Hello, I haven't dreamt so i had remember for a while. But now I've had holiday for a while and things is still changing in life, and it gives me interesting dreams.

This is what i remember from my dream this night and i wonder a bit about parts of it, especially the landscape.

We are a huge crowd walking with quite determined direction, I cannot see towards what, but we are among big dark containers in a big huge port, there is anyway daylight and good atmosphere. There is a calm big (boring but fresh) water surrounded by this port, all very exploited, no nature. I see no ships. We are a happy crowd and some of us is searching to find a quicker way forward, running in between the containers looking for better passages.

What I'm most concerned about in this dream is the very exploited landscape, I am a person who loves nature, I see the green parts of the world as provided for the survival of human living and engage in environmental causes. And have most of my adult years lived close to nature.

Well. I also want to mention a development from another dream I sent you some months ago. The former dream was about a stream, waterfall in a big wild landscape, I tried to cross the stream but by half I stopped, and the stream almost took me towards the waterfall, but I kept holding to the bottom.

The development: I dreamt yesterday about a very similar landscape and river, there where though a bit more people around, and there was a simple bridge over the stream. I was still though on the same side as I started.

and my dreams reflects my life and feelings and thinking, like it.  :)
Title: Re: Port, crowd, containers, forward
Post by: Tony Crisp on July 07, 2011, 03:36:34 PM
ToBeAware – It seems that an awful lot of you and your interests are very involved in seeking a way through the situation you and what you see in the world. The ‘awful lot’ is shown by the amount of people with you. And there is a lot of energy you put into the search. I guess that you feel in you, like something is not right and you are searching for a quicker way to make a change.

And it seems that you now have a bridge, but need to walk over it. The other side – I wonder what or who you will meet?

Title: Re: Port, crowd, containers, forward
Post by: ToBeAware on July 22, 2011, 08:53:44 PM
Still about the river-dream. There is a bit interesting for me that during the time between the dream where I got stuck in the middle of the river and when I later dreamt it had a bridge, I have been psychologically working, on a decision of a "good" separation (as good it could be), I.e a divorce. Actually it is the later dream who told me that the harmless crossing by a bridge, was why I didn't act quicker in my decision, I wanted to build a bridge over trouble water...

When I first wrote about the river you suggested me to follow the water down the waterfall, I asked you if my holding to the bottom of the river was because i was a chicken. I now has found out I am, it has taken long time.

Anyway, what I think will be fun later is if I will dream with me on the other side of the river or not. I have always been on the right side of the river, according to the water flow direction, also in another dream who was close before my life changed earlier in my life.
Title: Re: Port, crowd, containers, forward
Post by: ToBeAware on July 22, 2011, 09:06:59 PM
And still my question about the port-dream, howcome this concrete and containers? I wonder if they is comparable to like shallow, materialistic values? I in a way am a bit afraid that I in my new life has to pass a time through people and values which I value as shallow, and this in a city, but also I think I am wrong about this. I am very peculiar about that strange landscape in my dream.

Well actually when i travel I have mostly pictures of the different landscapes we have passed, I think it tells so much about a country, what struggles has been done to come to the society that country is today. So perhaps this is why this port-landscape has been stuck on my eyes since i dreamt this dream.
Title: Re: Port, crowd, containers, forward
Post by: Tony Crisp on July 29, 2011, 01:46:56 PM
ToBeAware – I feel that the port dream is a reflection of what you feel the world is like – so much materialism.  You are looking for a way through that you can find attractive, or something you can relate to and find useful.

But a port also suggests a place to embark from, a new departure.

Can you see any signs of that?

Keep on keeping on.