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Title: Getting Close to Something
Post by: Christine on August 02, 2015, 03:56:54 PM
I am in a church or in a place where weddings take place.  There is a big wedding party, women dressed in all white and men dressed in all grey.  A grey man comes up to me and says "Are we going to do this or not?"  I think I am supposed to be the one getting married.   I go upstairs to the balcony and look down.  On my left is a girl about 6 years old, wearing an emerald green (reminds me of the Wizard of Oz and the man behind the curtain) colored satin dress and the same colored ribbon in her hair.  She has long dark hair.  I look down on the ceremony and watch the attendants make their way to the alter and line up.  They are all looking at each other.

(If you watch or remember The Games of Thrones last season, Arya, a young tomboyish girl with short dark hair, was in training at the House of Black and White.  The following is a description of the house and then I will get back to my dream.

"The House of Black and White. This is where you'll find the man you seek."
―Ternesio Terys to Arya Stark[src]

The man Arya seeks will train her to be a warrior.

The House of Black and White is a temple in Braavos dedicated to the Many-Faced God. It also serves as the headquarters of the guild of assassins known as the Faceless Men. It sits alone on a small island in the lagoon of Braavos. Although can be reached by boat or bridge from other locations in the city, the island is usually deserted.

The interior of the House features a central sanctuary with a large pool in the center. The water filling the pool is poisoned, and is given out to those who are suffering and come to the temple to seek the release of death.
The sanctuary is lined with statues of many gods from many different faiths, from across both Essos and Westeros.

Specifically they are gods that represent death and the unknown, such as the Stranger from the Faith of the Seven. The Faceless Men believe that all of these death gods are really one god who has revealed Himself to humanity in different ways: the Many Faced God of Death.[1]

Statues of deities represented in the sanctuary include:
The Stranger from the Faith of the Seven
A weirwood face, of the kind carved into heart trees to honor the Old Gods of the Forest
The Drowned God of the Iron Islands
The fiery heart of the Lord of Light
The Black Goat of Qohor
The Lion of Night from Yi Ti
The Weeping Woman of Lys
When first entering the House of Black and White, Arya Stark notes the statue of a marble woman, 12 feet tall (3,66 meters). Real tears are trickling from the eyes, filling the bowl the woman cradled in her arms. The statue of a man with a lion's head stands nearby.  The latter is The Lion of Night.

(It is odd that I had that dream about a similar stone statue recently.  And that my father used to call everyone "the Lion Hearted."  He was much more lion headed than he was lion hearted.)

Hall of Faces Edit
The deepest level of the House of Black and White is the Hall of Faces, an enormous vault with stone pillars, where the faces of the hundreds who die in the House of Black and White are kept to be employed as the basis for the face-changing abilities of the Faceless Men.)

I am sitting on the edge of the concrete pool.  A tall thin woman appears and sits next to me.  She is gold or beige, it is hard to tell.  She is not wearing glasses, has a longish, sad face and  almost has a man's body.  She starts to sob and takes my left hand in hers.

She says "I married a man I did not even want.  In the backyard they said that he had to go after someone younger, as someone his own age would never want him.  That was me."
Title: Re: Getting Close to Something
Post by: Christine on August 04, 2015, 01:00:53 AM
Last night I only saw one image in my dream.  It looked like the face of a black child painted white or a white faced child with short black hair.
Title: Re: Getting Close to Something
Post by: Tony Crisp on August 04, 2015, 08:26:42 AM
Chris - The wedding seems to me to be a straight description of trying to find a unity with your male self. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/

This is often a lengthy process and has many false starts - or the marriage does not complete itself in the dream. You got a higher view of the process by going up on the balcony, and you see a young girl's is part of what is needed - that may be a view of life you had when younger that got denied by circumstances. But you are well on the way to wholeness/marriage.

I didn't watch the last seasons of The Game of Thrones - but it is all depicting some of the immense issues we face in our inner life. The tomboyish girl is the wholeness of female and male; the black and white temple is the balance between all the aspects, good and so called bad that are all a part of our wholeness.

Neither heavenly nor earthly, neither mortal nor immortal have we created thee, so that thou mightest be free according to thy own will and honor, to be thy own creator and builder. To thee alone we gave growth and development depending on thy own free will. Thou bearest in thee the germs of a universal life.
Pico della Mirandola
Oratio de Hominis Dignitate

The pool of death is the opposite of the life in us - and death and life are the negative and positive poles of life, both of which have to be experienced deeply to become whole. It is part of the path to the inner marriage. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/#MakesInner

The faceless men are actually humans who realise they are God - the thousand faced one who is unknowable and so faceless. The marble woman who cries real tears is those of us so lost in our emotional pain we cannot move and so are like statues.

The Hall of Faces is our own past a vault in which lies all the many past people we have in us that need to be resurrected into life.

The end of the dream is true - "That was me!"

Fortunately it is said in the past tense - suggesting you can leave that life behind.

Title: Re: Getting Close to Something
Post by: Christine on August 04, 2015, 04:09:51 PM
Thank you Tony.  It was such a dark feeling dream and yet I did not feel bad after it at all.  It felt grateful, as if I had been given a gift.

I recently joined a few Facebook sites for Jung followers.  Lots of people post their dreams.  So I have been mentioning Dreamhawk quite frequently...hopefully that is ok with you.
Title: Re: Getting Close to Something
Post by: Tony Crisp on August 05, 2015, 07:19:35 AM
Dear Chris - Of course you can mention dreamhawk - and thank you.