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Title: Three Clues
Post by: Christine on August 07, 2015, 03:28:57 AM
First Dream - I go into a bank and step up to the teller's station.  It is taller than me and a tall darkish greyish man is behind the counter.  I feel angry because he will not give me any quarters and he looks behind him at another man and teller window which is higher than him.  He looks up at that man and that man shakes his head no.  I say "I feel angry I do not understand why you are not giving me what I want."

I leave and walk into what looks like a store.  A dark, black woman at a desk gives me a pin of a black crescent moon and a black cat.  I take it in my right hand and walk away.

Second Dream -  I am walking down a street past a bank that is all white, stone colored marble maybe with steps and layers.  Next I am looking in a store window.  It was formerly a fine jewelry store and now there are many beauty products in the window.  The stuff inside the jars and bottles is all white colored.  Even though the bank and the beauty store look clean and white and pure on the outside, I know and I feel the color and that appearance is an illusion.

Third Dream - I am walking on a read out of a town or city.  There are other people walking ahead of me and behind me, but far enough away from me that I have enough space.  Suddenly these huge balls or orbs of white light are launched into the air and coming toward me.  Some are smaller and shoot past me.  Some are large and heavier and drop splat in front of me.  It is amusing and fascinating.  Two grey women come up to me.  They are happy and their arms are around one another's shoulders.

Next I am approaching some sort of seminar, as an attendee. I am bringing my purse and some heavy books with me.  I have so many books that I have to put some on the desktop behind me, in order to sit in the seat in front of me.  I do not know what the seminar is about, but there are a lot of women and men there my age.  They look real...flesh colored...with sort of midwest casual clothes.  Not professional clothes, bit not untidy either.  I am wearing the same kind of clothes.

They start talking about an arts center, about creating one in the community.  I am thinking, but not saying, that the county government could approve a 1% addition to the sales tax to fund it in perpetuity.  It seems the people are interested in finding a leader.  I hear in my head "Do you want the job?".  I stand up and start speaking.  Everyone is looking at me and paying attention.  I am not uncomfortable.  But I do notice behind me is one of those room dividers.  I can no longer see the desk where I left my books.  The divider is decorated as if it is the front of a house.  I talk about how much I have learned about communication and processing and the importance of an arts education.  I say I know I am not very tall, in fact I cannot even see above the divider behind me, and I start talking about the long term and short term goals I would have for the center.

(This is most of what I remember from the dreams.  I found out today some friends of mine...their 22 year old son was shot and killed by police.  He was such a good, young man whose experiment taking LSD went horribly wrong.  So my brain is a little scattered today.  One part of the dream I can not fit in, I am looking through storage bins of children's clothing from all different ages.  They look like boys clothes.  I feel sad, because I do not recognize whose clothes they are...they must belong to someone else...or maybe I was expected to act more like a boy.  Someone puts out an olive green army jacket.  "That is my father's" I say.)   
Title: Re: Three Clues
Post by: Tony Crisp on August 09, 2015, 09:56:15 AM
Chris - Sorry, an accident with WordPress - if you receive a message for someone else it was not meant for you.

Tony XXX
Title: Re: Three Clues
Post by: Tony Crisp on August 09, 2015, 01:15:55 PM
Chris - The not getting what you want is marked in the first dream. Do you in fact feel as if you do not have an imposing stature or public presence when facing people in authority or dealing with something as fundamental as money?

The second dream is about seeing beyond the false imagery created by the advertising for beauty products - it is a lot of sham, do you actually sense that?

I can only comment on the white orbs and the question of 'Do you want the job?'

The white orbs are probably ideas, intuitions or insights that come to you - although many people tend to see them as meaning you are spiritual?

The thing about 'Do you want the job' is fascinating and full of symbols. It shows you taking command of the situation because you know you have the abilities, knowledge and talent to do so. But as with the first dream you mention that you are not very tall and cannot see above something that divides the space in your inner life. Yet you go on with clear plans that you present well. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/#MakesInner 

I get the impression that you are confident about your professional abilities but there is some difficulty that I cannot define about your self confidence in other areas - but everything can change.

Title: Re: Three Clues
Post by: Christine on August 15, 2015, 10:57:13 PM
Thank you Tony.  I did not get a message so maybe your Wordpress was not a problem.  I will have to do some thinking about the dream and your reply.  I will check back in soon.