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Title: Black Dragon
Post by: Rain_Dancer on March 02, 2016, 06:08:55 AM
Twice this week I have experienced excruciating stomach pain, and all-over joint pain.  I've actually been feeling lots and lots of inexplicable all-over pain for years now, and lately I had been visualizing plucking plants and imagining I was pulling the roots of the pain.
This morning, after being up until 5am with the pain, I finally fell asleep and into a lucid dream.  For a brief moment I struggled to stay grounded, and quickly surrendered to the feeling of rising and floating and allowing the dream to move me.  Soon I was flying, and marveling at how easily I was controlling my flight.  I remembered, there was something I wanted to address in the dream.  I leaned back, threw my hands wide and asked, "Hey, DREAM!  What is the root of all of this pain?"  I was floated over to a shelf and an invisible hand brought down a large piece of cardboard, folded over on itself and covered in grafitti that I 'recognized' as something I had put away when I was a teenager.  It flipped open, revealing a small, sickly black dragon which floated over to me, held in my arms. 
I wondered what I should DO with this dragon...but instantly it changed and became healthy, luminous.  It floated in midair, us looking at each other and feeling mutual positive regard.  I was smiling and feeling relieved.

Throughout the day today, I've felt the presence of this dragon, wrapped around me.  It feels best to be present with it, rather than dialogue with it or try to understand it or figure it out.

Title: Re: Black Dragon
Post by: Tony Crisp on March 02, 2016, 12:12:49 PM
Rain Dancer – Wow, what a dream.

I believe, if I am right, that in your teenage years you had powerful feelings, thoughts and decisions that set in place an inner and physical condition causing the pain.

The thing is that any belief, conviction, thought or feeling that is in conflict with the way our being, our life process works creates problems of one sort or another. You may have read the entry Dragon and saw how it is an expression in our dreams of the life processes that go on in us without any personal awareness. Somehow you created a small, sickly black dragon which floated over to you. Somehow you had set up a situation inside you – unconsciously – that twisted the inner ‘dragon’ in an unhealthy way.

But your dream showed not only the mischief you did to yourself, but also that you have found a way beyond such things. The Dragon is a wonderful beast to have wrapped around you. Maybe it doesn’t speak, but it does give you constant support and healing. Feel it taking the pains away.

Title: Re: Black Dragon
Post by: Rain_Dancer on March 09, 2016, 02:43:16 PM
As always, Tony, I appreciate your perspective so much, thank you!
I still feel the dragon with me now, although she is smaller and happily nestled in my solar plexus now.

I had another powerful dream this morning -
I dreamed a tall, muscular black man approached me and was aggressively physically pushing against me, seeming as if he would rape me.  I stood my ground, and kept repeating, "I feel scared.  I feel scared," louder and louder, my voice getting stronger.
I put my hand on his heart, holding him off, and caught his eye.  I felt shakey and like crying and said firmly, "I feel SCARED."
He softened.  We both relaxed.  I don't remember exactly what happened after that but it seems like we started chatting and his vibe shifted to protective and nurturing.

It felt nice to wake up with the memory of that dream, of feeling strong in my vulnerability.
Title: Re: Black Dragon
Post by: Tony Crisp on March 10, 2016, 08:45:31 AM
You are learning The Way.