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Title: Arm/Faceless Man
Post by: Christine on March 20, 2016, 10:38:58 AM
Two images.  The first I am looking at what seems to be my left arm.  It seems longer and thinner though and like a mans.  There is a scar that has been healed over in the shape of a hole or cigarette burn, it is in the crook of the elbow and a longer red streak or scar continues to about halfway down the arm.

Next I am in a dark house.  There are dark people there I can not make out their faces.  A man comes up to me his shirt is open and his chest is exposed.  He has some hair on it.  For some reason I do not look at his face and/or I can not see it.  He hugs me I feel my head nesting in the space between his head and chest.  I do not feel afraid.  I step back and see that his fly is open and his pubic hair is showing.  I do not see his penis though.
Title: Re: Arm/Faceless Man
Post by: Tony Crisp on March 21, 2016, 08:42:33 AM
Chris – I am assuming you are right handed – it makes a difference to what the dream says. It appears that you have been badly hurt or injured in the past, but you are now healed. But of course such injuries always leave scars. However, the difficulties you met have given you greater inner confidence and a man’s strength inside you.

You are still slightly in the dark about the changes going on with you at the moment. The man is your way of learning a different way of dealing with men and the man you hold inside you. You do not see his face as his personality isn’t so important, what is important in any meeting is to see basically what faces you. When seeing a person, it is good, as you did, to see how he presents himself – he is showing you he is a male – also to ‘see’ the whole person – feet, legs, genitals and chest. Most often we may fail to see what is hidden under the outer camouflage we usually wear.

You saw, you were ready to be close and held, you were confident.

Title: Re: Arm/Faceless Man
Post by: Christine on March 21, 2016, 09:41:47 AM
As I was reading your reply I was watching King King, the 2005 movie, the scene where Ann tells the beast "No!  There isn't any more!" as he is poking her to dance.

Your interpretation feels right to me.  Also last night I had another man in a dream.  He had a white, blank face....wearing a black suit jacket and in his left hand a clear three dimensional pyramid.
Title: Re: Arm/Faceless Man
Post by: Tony Crisp on March 22, 2016, 10:55:27 AM
Chris – Another step forward – or where ever you are heading  :)

A gift or a message – maybe a link with entering into the deepest secrets of your nature, and therefore with death - psychological.  Your enormous potential and so again wider awareness, which can lead to integration of self. Sometimes it is an invitation to explore the realm of death and memories of past sojourns. Being triangular in shape it might refer to the number three or the triangle in relationships.

Without all the positive talk - a good sign.