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Title: woman falls out of the sky
Post by: Dreamtime on April 15, 2016, 03:48:32 PM
Hi Tony,

I hope you are well! I had a dream last night that I do have some understanding of given the changes going on inside lately and I have just started exploring it but I feel a strong sense to post it and get your insights on it, which are always helpful. :)

The perspective of the dream was that I could see what was going on from a higher view but I also felt myself connected with the woman dream character as direct experience in the dream, which reminds me of the shifts happening in my waking perception at the moment. The dream began and the woman was on another planet completely alone and the landscape was bare earth, rocky and mountainous. She had discovered a lot about the mysteries of the universe and it was as if some sort of initiation process was going on. There was this sense that something or some greater being or power was trying to kill her. She kept falling repeatedly for awhile. Falling from a cliff then tumbling down a mountain slope - somehow she always found something to grab onto to hold or hang from but then it would crumble in her hand and she would fall again. It was like some unknown force wanted her dead because of the wisdom she had or the experiences she carried that were not for humanity to know (this was an impression and it reminds me of a recent session I had where the practitioner said that I carry hidden or latent wisdom that's of great value but I have a perception of it being a burden). After falling and tumbling again and again she landed on this huge dark green rock of crystal and suddenly and very rapidly the whole rock with her on it fell right off the planet and back to earth. There was this sense that clearly chance had absolutely nothing to do with how the events had unfolded. She and the crystal landed at the front doorstep of this giant palace that was also a home where a Middle Eastern prince and his wife lived. There was a massive tapestry hanging on the front of the building with a picture of the happy, attractive couple on display. Inside they had heard the sound outside and felt the earth shake and went outside to see that the woman had fallen out of the sky onto their doorstep. Also the grass had suddenly grown up tall all over the lawn and especially around the rock where the woman lay.  ~DT
Title: Re: woman falls out of the sky
Post by: Christine on April 16, 2016, 06:49:49 AM
What a lovely dream!  I so enjoyed reading it and so thank you for sharing!
Title: Re: woman falls out of the sky
Post by: Tony Crisp on April 17, 2016, 11:38:05 AM
DreamTime – You start the dream with a dual experience – the higher more inclusive view, and the more local personality living in a body view. It is difficult to actually synthesise these two aspects of self – in fact few people ever achieve it even as a duality. You saw it but your view was of the woman on another planet completely alone and the landscape was bare earth, rocky and mountainous.

But you are alone in the higher view and the body view. And the woman seems to fall from a height, she tries to cling on but doesn’t stop falling – but in falling she achieves a great ability or talent – the green rock that has the power of stimulating growth, verdancy – verdant.

I get the impression that you tried to live your life from ideals, but you have or are going through some knocks as you fall from that view – perhaps you were trying to live a life from the higher viewpoint – but of course we live a dual life and both are necessary.

“She had discovered a lot about the mysteries of the universe and it was as if some sort of initiation process was going on. There was this sense that something or some greater being or power was trying to kill her. It was like some unknown force wanted her dead because of the wisdom she had or the experiences she carried that were not for humanity to know”

Again this can be seen from a dual view. Perhaps the human/ body person wants to hang on to the life she knew, but the knocks she encounters actually produces the fact that she brought down to earth the wisdom and power in the rock. Also it might have been a good idea to experience dying. We can explore different options – like living or dying – in the dream or imagination without danger – one is simply exploring your options, and can then decide with a fuller knowledge.

Landing on the doorstep sounds very much that you may be on the verge of a big change – at least the promise of ‘happy, attractive couple’. Who knows?  :)

Title: Re: woman falls out of the sky
Post by: Tony Crisp on April 18, 2016, 10:26:43 AM
DreamTime – It is a pleasure communicating with you. 

I have written about duality – a little – here is a small piece http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/what-we-need-to-remember-about-us-3/#DualBeing

But it is a huge subject, and I barely hinted at it in this piece, for it is everywhere, in the difference between the sexes, the poles of birth and death, the outer world and the inner world – on and on.

But more directly about what you were mentioning, here is a series of lucid dreams.

I had been exploring my dreams as fully as I could, and also trying to get under the surface of my mind, so to speak. Then one night I had the following dream. In it I was looking at a plant, rather like a fern. As I watched it unfolded rapidly, its leaves growing before me. At that point I suddenly became aware that there was an unfolding process in my body as long held tensions dropped away, and the dream image of the plant was an expression of this. Waking up like this while I was at the same time fully asleep was incredibly exciting. It enabled me, as it were, to look around and see what was going on. So I could be acutely aware that the dream image of the plant was not a random mental activity. The process and the image were one thing, perhaps like an electrical spark creating light. The light isn’t the electricity, but at the same time it wouldn’t be there without electrical power, and it is a visual experience of what would otherwise be invisible or unknown. The dream plant was a visual and feeling way of knowing what was occurring inside myself. 

Not very long afterwards I had another dream of a similar nature. This time as I dreamt I woke up again, and because of the previous dream, realised that the things I could see around me in the dream, were projections of my own inner processes. 

Once again I felt incredibly excited because it was a totally different situation to what I had ever been before. I wanted to make use of it, so I pursued the question of what of myself were the images portraying. Straight away I seemed to burst through a surface and there were no longer dream images. Instead I was directly perceiving activities in my body. 

It is quite difficult to describe, but I could see that all the time the processes were on the move, like flowing streams, many of them, meeting and interacting. In particular I noticed two things. I had a chest infection at the time, probably a virus, and I could ‘see’ the processes of my body - not seen as blood flow, or nerves, but almost like flows of energy manifesting as forms - dealing with the infection. It reminded me of something quite plant like as the healing process or action circulated or flowed along delicate channels. 

Then my attention turned to the area of my body corresponding with my neck. I describe it this way because my sense of my body was quite different to what it is normally. It appeared to me more, as I have said, like flows of interacting energy. In my neck there was a problem due, as I could see to an emotional attitude that was causing muscular tension. The tension was interfering with the healthy movement of activities and energy between trunk and head. It was obvious that if the blockage remained, it would gradually lead to actual physical illness. The offending emotion was what one might call pride, self righteousness or stiff necked. 

Still later this was followed by a third dream that was a sort of culmination. Once more I woke up in sleep and dreams. I broke through the dream imagery to the realm of constant movement and activity which underlie the dreaming process. Once established there, recalling the previous two dreams, I wondered if there were other levels still. Perhaps this level was itself an expression of something still unmet. I immediately felt the world of change dissolve, as did my sense of self. What was left was existence but without focus, without differentiation. It wasn’t as if ‘I’ didn’t exist, but any focus had gone and ‘I’ had melted into a vast ocean or universe of awareness in which there were no opposites. It simply was, perpetual, unmoving, yet the source of all the changing world I thought of as reality. 

Yet somehow, although I did not have a focused self to carry on thinking, my question was still apparently working, for there was a level beyond that which I now awoke in - still in the sleep state. ‘I’ along with the world of change existed, but at the same time as the world of change, ‘I’ was involved, merged, inextricable at one with the changeless. In this state I realised that in everyday life my mind slaughtered this wonder and presented the world to me as if everything were divided, and there was only change and death. Or that my normal self was a long way off from this changeless self, giving the feeling that one had to do something extraordinary to get to it. The fact I now saw was that in the midst of the changing and dying – my everyday body self – the changeless and deathless abides. The rational mind finds it hard to accept such a contradiction. But I think this is because we usually see only our surface self, which lives and dies.

Title: Re: woman falls out of the sky
Post by: Dreamtime on April 19, 2016, 03:57:48 AM
Thank you Tony...your replies always bring deeper understanding and I much appreciate all of your sharing!

The first lucid dream in your reply immediately made me recall a few days ago when I received a random impression where I could ‘see’ an image of green leaves sprouting all over my legs. It’s not exactly seeing the image but like an inner sort of knowing of images that’s only really beginning to develop now. I keep having these impressions that I don’t always understand but I have a sense of how they go along with the inner changes going on just as described in the first lucid dream description.  Also, the understanding of how the dreams are projections of my own inner processes is becoming increasingly clear and easier to intuitively sense along with greater awareness of the beliefs/conditioned influences shaping my perception and projections in waking life.

The third dream reminds me of an experience I had about five years ago. At the time I was very depressed, experiencing incredible anxiety and also emotionally numb after a series of very difficult experiences that triggered a lot of repressed stuff. One evening I used a hypnosis video to relax my mind and then sort of found myself in a similar experience where the sense of self dissolved and it was like I was floating in this huge, seemingly infinite and boundless ocean of awareness and there was this sense of incredible peace  - no opposites. I could sense myself as both a little part of the vast ocean but also as simultaneously connected the whole and the whole. The ‘all is well’ feeling and a glow of incredible well-being stayed with me as I went upstairs to bed. At the time I had no context whatsoever for the experience and there was a lack of connection between it and my familiar reality of 'slaughtered wonder.' I have been getting more in touch with the wonder of life that shines through myself and everything as the rigid mental patterns open up and the inner processes work their magic. Finally being able to relax more easily is really helping but I still find I get spun up in old patterns quite often…it’s such a huge contradiction but integration is definitely in process.

Thanks for sharing the dreams and link...it's all very helpful! ~DT
Title: Re: woman falls out of the sky
Post by: Tony Crisp on April 19, 2016, 01:02:15 PM
DeamTime – Wonderful, and again wonderful.

Over the years I have slowly realised that the experience of the boundless ocean of awareness is a daily part of life, in that it is what we experience in dreamless sleep; except we do not allow ourselves to become conscious of it. Then dreams are a half-way house between waking life and the boundless life. But your experience of it will, if you carry on ‘integrating’, slowly permeate your waking experience with the sense of ‘all is well’.

It is also an experience of death – if you can go that far consciously. Mostly people hang onto their body image as them, and letting go is traumatic – so they go to sleep.

Title: Re: woman falls out of the sky
Post by: Dreamtime on April 21, 2016, 03:22:08 AM

I am finding that the boundless life is slowly creeping into my waking life. It's not as intense as the experience I had of being in the ocean and being the ocean, but I can feel it subtly at times and how it underlies everything both inside me and everything that seems outside. It's a huge shift in perception and I have already had the sense that the permeation of my waking experience you mentioned is the direction life is carrying me. I have been contemplating death more and more lately because I already notice how much of the 'me' I believed myself to be is gone or falling apart. Life is such a mysterious wonder. :) ~DT
Title: Re: woman falls out of the sky
Post by: Tony Crisp on April 21, 2016, 08:16:35 AM
DreamTime - Life IS such a mysterious wonder. I and many others share the feeling and travel with you.

I feel too that permeation of our waking experience is the direction that is a way that works.