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Title: What Are You Dreaming Lately?
Post by: Christine on May 13, 2016, 02:04:30 PM
I am just wondering, Tony, about what you have been dreaming lately and if any major themes are running through them...that you might be willing to share. 
Title: Re: What Are You Dreaming Lately?
Post by: Dreamtime on May 13, 2016, 03:46:30 PM
Tony, I would love to hear about this too, if you're willing to share.  :)
Title: Re: What Are You Dreaming Lately?
Post by: Tony Crisp on May 18, 2016, 10:02:05 AM
Well – Of course I am willing to share. Remember that while I ran and organised groups I never staid in the leader position but always joined in the action as a participator. It was always a learning situation.

At the moment I hardly ever dream in images. I think I explained previously somewhere that there are two types of dream state, the REM state which is full of images, emotion and action. Then there is the NREM state that is without images and is a long stream of thinking or problem investigating/solving. My sense is that for ages I am in a half sleep half-awake state and cannot remember any dream – or at least, not recently - in the past I usually remembered about three of more dreams a night, now I remember about one a month.

My last experience was - May 13th 2016
Last night I was suddenly awoken by the sound of a woman's voice calling my name. I realised as I awoke that it was an inner voice calling me, but it felt exactly as if a real person had called me and the calling woke me.

This led me to remember when I last heard a voice call like that. It was while working with a friend, John, who owned a hotel. I was mending something for him on a flat roof of his private house. Meanwhile he had driven away to the hotel. About twenty minutes after he had gone I heard him shout my name with great urgency. In fact, he called me twice. I was puzzled and thought he must have returned without me noticing. As the tone of voice carried urgency I climbed off the roof and went in search of him. Moments later the telephone rang in his house. It was John, still at the hotel. He had just turned the water on for the first time after a spell of cold weather, and pipe bursts were apparent all over the hotel. He had rushed to the phone to call me for help. In some way I had ‘heard’ him call before he reached the telephone.
The hotel was about a mile away on the other side of the town. There was obviously no way I could have heard his voice with my physical ears. So whatever signal John’s anguished desire for my presence created, my mind had turned it into what appeared to be his actual voice calling me.

I have often hear voices from within talk to me. They usually give useful information.

The one before that was - April 15th 2016
Last week I dreamt I saw a new nasturtium, the first one this spring. I remembered the dream as I walked into the garden, so I went to look, and there is was, with its first leaves open and proud.

This morning I remember dreaming I was in relationship with a woman, and was probably living in her house, but it seemed like a fairly new relationship. Her brother wanted to talk with me and me with him. I believe I wanted his opinion of his sister, and he wanted to talk about his problem of getting an erection. We both appeared to be about in our thirties. I explained to him that I had experienced it twice and it was often because it was with a new partner and so one was a little nervous. I said that I remained confident and loving and humorous in the relationship and the problem disappeared; once in such a situation I sang the song – there goes another rubber tree plant – we both laughed at the time. I meant that if one didn’t think or feel the situation was an awful problem, but saw it simply as a result of being nervous it had a different feeling. The situation is usually about being nervous, not about having an awful problem. 

But a lot of experience happens while awake – like the dream process breaking through into waking life. I don’t know, but great rushes of feeling and realisation occur a great deal, and so I wonder if perhaps I do not need to dream so much because I dream while awake. This might be because the years of practising LifeStream allowed so much material breaking through it is easier and happens often. See http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/peoples-experiences-of-lifestream/

Last night I was with a friend and we opened up together. It arose that I felt that I had lived such a varied life, had changed enormously and dared to experience great journeys in the inner world/unconscious, that I can relax now as I am getting nearer to death. It might be several years before I leave, it doesn’t matter, because I can rest and relax – a good feeling. But of course I still love writing and trying to respond well to your communications.

But big themes – well maybe a great desire to synthesise what I have gathered and write about it, to add my part to the many others who are trying to do the same.

Title: Re: What Are You Dreaming Lately?
Post by: Christine on May 19, 2016, 04:04:00 AM
Thank you so much for sharing Tony.  The dreaming while awake feeling, as well as hearing someone call you, makes sense and feels familiar to me too... being in that liminal place and open to the answers inside.  I like knowing the nasturtiums are blooming where you are!
Title: Re: What Are You Dreaming Lately?
Post by: Tony Crisp on May 27, 2016, 08:49:38 AM
Hi - Here's a new dream from this morning.

The first part of the dream was of myself looking at and talking to my wife - not any one I know but my dream wife. I was saying to her that I give her total freedom to be with or love anyone she likes and I will not be tormented or hurt. I felt in a wonderful condition of peace and love, a love that does not try to posses.

Then the dream was in a dark room with many people in it. I was in two places at once, being slightly removed and watching myself interact with a woman. It reminds me slightly of something I led people to try while I was running groups. As the person interacting with the woman I had my eyes closed, but at the same time I could see the woman.

We were very slowly and gently exploring each other by touching. Our fingertips are very sensitive because they have a massive amount of nerve ending there and also in the lips; and my partner the woman was touching my face and I hers with great tenderness. Then she came closer and we touched lips - not the open mouthed kissing or using the tongue but nevertheless a deeply felt contact. 

My associations with it are memories of when as a group we explored being a seed and two or three other people would be earth and water. The water person would gently penetrate the seed by touching, and the person being earth would be a warm covering.

When I first experienced this I had never before known such warm and intimate contact outside of sexual relationship. At first I felt an enormous hunger for human contact like this - it was back in the 1970's. As the group experienced it often it became for me a doorway to an experience most people do not ever know - a non sexual loving and supporting as one explored drawing people together in the deep emotional experiences triggered by being the growing seed. Somehow my dream has taken it into my inner life.
Title: Re: What Are You Dreaming Lately?
Post by: Christine on May 28, 2016, 01:40:10 AM
Wow.  Thank you so much for sharing that.  The word that you used above, synthesis comes to mind.  Your dream and the experience you described years ago seems like a communion.