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Title: Stalker
Post by: Omega on May 17, 2016, 10:18:12 AM
I asked for a healing dream..

A man pulls up aggressively in a black sports car with black windows. I am at a retreat centre. Somehow he breaks into my room. There's a real dry emotionless quality to him. He sits on a table challenging me to do something. I ask him to leave, he is really smug and the more upset or scared I get the more he enjoys it. I start shouting saying I'll call the police, he laughs he's loving my distress. I decide to leave and not call the police to call his bluff. I go to a music concert - while there I panic realising he could find my diaries and read how I try to heal and protect myself and use that to attack me more effectively. I run back, I ask a friend to come but he's so passive he'll be useless, then he turns into another friend who is at least tall and burly, he turns into a black haired girl. I get back and my room has been utterly and completely ransacked, I don't recognise anything as everything is so broken - the sheer violence is still hanging in the air and effects me deeply, the message is he'll be back for me next time. I rush around looking for the diaries, it's not clear if I find them. Then I collapse on my knees, letting out huge cries of despair/grief/overwhelm..
(I see this as a healing aspect of the dream..)

Next day I go into the kitchen of the main house and  over hear the black haired girl who came to help say how she was hoping something would 'happen' between us that's why she really came along..  I feel so angry, so sick of being a sexual object, not even women are safe, always wanting something from me.. I plug my phone in to charge under the kitchen table beside someone else's and walk off quietly so she doesn't know I've heard, relieved at least I know her true intentions..

*oh yes.. then I went back and was standing outside my room, looking at the landscape pondering, when a herd of cows and their calves came, a black calf came and nuzzled me, I petted it, but was aware of how unlike a dog it was, so strong and that I better watch my toes as it moved about, it could even knock me over.
Title: Re: Stalker
Post by: Tony Crisp on May 22, 2016, 10:12:06 AM
Omega – There is a lesson to learn from your dream. Considering you are alone while you dream, in a relaxed and vulnerable situation, and in the quietness of sleep you create an awful state of sheer violence which you suffer from.

Fear and imagination of course are very useful, but not while you are in your sleep state. What will you gain by being terrible upset by the dream man? If you did not react what could he do? As you wrote, “more upset or scared I get the more he enjoys it.”

The calf incident shows how your instinctive yet domesticated part of you tries to become known to you. It nuzzles you because calves do that when they think you will feed them. It is a growing part of you, and it would be great to retain its strength as your own – so maybe wrestle with its head – calves are very headstrong. Be strong but not angry or aggressive.

Don't forget that the calf is a living part of you, and you can give it and gain something from it.

Title: Re: Stalker
Post by: Omega on June 04, 2016, 07:41:45 PM
I don't quite get this Tony: 'What will I gain by being upset by this dream man?'
Is there something to 'gain'?

I don't see it as an illness where people use illness to get their needs met indirectly. I'm not saying you do I just don't get what you mean.  I think it's processing experiences of being powerless,  a sort of more conscious re-living. So if I gain anything it's having the opportunity to face these powerful emotions and face past experience in a safe way.

'If you did not react what could he do? ' but I didn't - I walked away and he destroyed all my possessions with incredible violence with the threat of returning to get me next time - and then I feel did come back in the following nights dream and brutally assaulted me. Whether he's a character, a psychic energy or a part of myself..it was definitely the same energy and connected to the threat of coming back to get me next time.
Title: Re: Stalker
Post by: Christine on June 05, 2016, 04:21:20 AM
Putting myself in your place as the dreamer I am watching myself in the dream not react, do nothing to protect my external self, with both the dream man and the dream woman.  I see yourself not reacting externally and yet I feel extremely upset inside.

To me the dream is about observing my own lack of boundaries.

An alternative to how I behaved in the dream is to not internalize their behavior, meaning it is not about me and therefore I let it go, and let go of the upset (an internal boundary) or/and I also create a boundary externally and yell "No, this is my room, my body and you are not invited in.  Get out."

Sometimes I am afraid of aggression from outside of me as I feel terrified of my own aggression.  That is not the same thing as powerlessness.  I might be terrified of how powerful I am.

I think of the calf as being playfully aggressive and it can be a way for me to make a friend of my aggression and power and use it to protect myself.

This is just my interpretation as if I had the dream.  It might not resonate with you at all.
Title: Re: Stalker
Post by: Tony Crisp on June 05, 2016, 09:21:21 AM
Omega - "So if I gain anything it's having the opportunity to face these powerful emotions and face past experience in a safe way." Exactly, but what is a 'safe way'? Remember that the dream reflects your own inner feelings and it isn't safe to allow your own unacknowledged feelings to been destructive.

But that is just my opinion, and it will slowly work out in whatever way you choose in your dreams.