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Title: The host/teacher disappeared in a hole of ice
Post by: ToBeAware on September 10, 2011, 03:12:41 PM
This dream makes me a bit uncomfortable:

We, a not big not small group, are in a room similar to a classroom, the building though is feeling more like a conference-building. The door from the room goes directly to the outside, where a wooden-deck is following all the building, and outside this deck is a big water, in this dream covered by ice.

We have recently gathered and someone who seems to be the leader of us, a small happy and forward women (I recognize myself in that behaviour), starts to say hello and gather us for telling what we are there to do. I don't know what it is but all of us had something in common. But just as she started to talk, she turns, goes out on the deck. We/I followed, stunned by why she made so, I just see her hand reach for help up from an ice-hole not bigger than the hole after an ice-drill for fishing. I get really stressed and try to grasp the hand but she drops down out of reach into the hole, I then go after something, and find a long stick to put into the hole to her to fetch. But before I put the stick into the hole, I see the hand disappear in free water under the ice, very thick ice, about 2 meter thick.  And i feel I can't help her anymore.
Title: Re: The host/teacher disappeared in a hole of ice
Post by: Tony Crisp on September 14, 2011, 01:38:22 PM
ToBeAware – It is good to meet you here again.

I feel this dream appears to be a carry on of the last one you sent about the waterfall – letting go or holding on.

But I had a surprising response when looking at your dream – and excuse me if I am wrong. But it was that in fact you wanted to lose a part of you in that frozen world. It can mean that you have shut off a part of yourself in a sort of cold storage – a freezer.

As I see it this is explained in the first part of the dream where you suddenly leave the room and go into the realm of the ice. It seems to be saying that you wanted the rest of yourself – the audience – to see you demonstrate what you felt. Perhaps you did it to show a way of avoiding responsibility and decision making. In the end you feel you cannot do anything to change the situation.

What do you feel about that?

Title: Re: The host/teacher disappeared in a hole of ice
Post by: ToBeAware on September 20, 2011, 10:23:13 PM
Hello again Tony, it is always a bit of a happy jump in my stomach to have got an answer :)

I think you are right about that I wanted to let a part of me disappear. I felt uncomfortable the morning I woken after this dream, perhaps just according to that I felt the girl disappearing actually was the part of me that I usually show and think I am. But what happened the following days in my sense was a feeling of relief and freedom. So I actually think the disappearing part was the one who tells me what is right and wrong according to "what is expected from me". In a way I am on my way to come to trust to my feelings. Well at least that's what I believe, but I'll perhaps know later, life goes on. and well yes I am on the other side of the river I think, free and a bit lost, I don't know how it looks here yet, but am anyway ready for...whatever comes.

Thanks for your interpretations,