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Title: Why the house with the oldies, the narrow road etc?
Post by: ToBeAware on September 11, 2011, 10:27:48 AM
This dream I want to keep, to compare with according what is happening to me in future:
I think the parts I remember in the dream started with me and a guy I have a good eye on, and have thought of for a while, though we have no contact. We went off something, perhaps a bus, we were then in the middle of a street party with joyful people of all ages. We did not know what they celebrated. The place was where my parents had their house until my mother died five years ago. It is a nice quite idyllic village and the surroundings around where they lived was old with nice old villas and big green gardens. In this dream the area was a bit different. Me and my friend, we where close friends in the dream, passed the celebrating people and went in to a white typical old Swedish villa, and there we ended up on the upper floor. We sat concentrated in a bed watching TV, I have the feeling the program was about something who concerned everyone and that was why we could go in to this unknown house and sit down on a bed. When the program was finished, we stood up. In the bed we had sat on the edge, behind us laid an old man, not particularly weak, instead just part of the interest of the program and the bed was his so he lay down among us to watch the program. Also his wife appeared old and strong her too. I tried to tell who I was according that they were neighbour to my parents. I'm not sure I succeed to make them understand. There was no harm that we had been there, we just thanked that we could be there and on the way out again just outside the house I saw my parents house.

Howcome I don't know. Instead of walking to my parents house, we walked a bit, we were close to each other and I made some invitations to have sex while walking, the place was not good for that, but I was not refused we just saved the occasion for later. Suddenly we had jumped on a bus (again?). The bus took us directly out in a strange green altough nice landscape. There were cozy houses and gardens on one side of the very narrow road, and forest on the other side. The road was too narrow for the bus, in reality, and for some parts built with big flat stones. We went over a bridge also with this flat stones to drive on, in reality the bus' wheels would get stuck on each side of this bridge. The bus seemed to drive over to very nice calm cats laying on the bridge, they made no attempt to move and seemed pleased even when this big bus drove over them. The road had also very sharp curves, and the bus could make them, some of them more than 90 degrees, without destroying the surroundings, fences to the gardens etc.

I tried to tell the busdriver and another women that we had taken the wrong bus, or the wrong direction. They did not stop the bus anyway and there the dream finished. All the time in the bus my friend was sitting back in the bus, and did not take much notice of my talking to the others.
Title: Re: Why the house with the oldies, the narrow road etc?
Post by: Tony Crisp on September 18, 2011, 01:04:07 PM
ToBeAware – I wonder if this dream is partly due to you being in your monthly cycle, where you are open to a relationship. The guy you have a good feeling about is obviously the type that attracts you. Also it seems that you enjoy being with people, and you do not have any difficulties about being with your man and enjoying partying.

But you move on and visit an old couple – to view something of interest to everyone. I wonder if this is you exploring life as you age. In your dream, you and you were both active and strong.

Then you walk on and suggest sex to your man. Again you are easy about it, though it is put of to a later time. The bus reminds me again that you like being with other people and the countryside. But the journey took you in a direction you did not expect – is that in life? As it is your dream, I suspect that it is emerging from what you are not aware of – but you are with your man in a relaxed way.


Title: Re: Why the house with the oldies, the narrow road etc?
Post by: ToBeAware on September 20, 2011, 11:08:15 PM
Hello again, again,
the thing about this dream is in a way telling me things I perhaps can interpret myself. The guy, we don't meet or talk perhaps only once a year for some minutes, but we happened to have a god chat about a year ago for some days. I had the day before the dream, got a letter with participants for a meeting I was going to, his name was there.

In real life shame is what I surround my feelings with all day, because of my recent divorce. I meet another guy, and to have a partner that quick make the shamefeeling really huge, it is in a way enough with the divorce itself. I know I don't need to feel ashamed, it is just the feeling I have. The guy I meet is special, I like him, we're trying that is all, and there had been an arguing between us the day before the dream.

So the dream. I think it was telling me that with that kind of guy I would not feel ashamed among my friends etc, we are more the same kind of persons, he fits into what I feel, perhaps proud of, for my parents and friends. I think it was an example to show me how to have a relationship and not feel ashamed also. He does not live close so the start of a relationship would be easy to make discrete. Then the really narrow road could be that I think a future with him will be really not mainstream according to our similar evaluations, and I will like the "landscape".

I don't let this dream lead me, I like it though, and I would like to meet the guy. He did not come to the meeting. I don't even know if he is single so I don't make big thing of it. And I don´t like that I would feel better with another type of guy, I don´t want that? I want to feel good with the one I have, at least first. But the dream could have told me I have lost the feelings I need for a relationsship with him. So I go on to my struggle to trust and know what my feelings mean, I just have to learn to interpret them, also outside my dreams, he he.

This dream makes me of course curious about future...and gives me a bit to talk about with the guy I meet...

So that's what I think the dream meant and gave me, but I am still confused over the visiting of the old people on the upper floor and especially the TV-program, why did it concern everyone? And how narrow and weak anyway of stone, can a road be, what can that tell in a dream?

And also, yea it was a pretty good day for relationship :)

Title: Re: Why the house with the oldies, the narrow road etc?
Post by: Tony Crisp on September 21, 2011, 12:06:01 AM
The bridge is the one we can cross in middle life - I think.

But please see the dream in Passing on the Purple Dress - the one Put in about floating.