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Title: Activity
Post by: dreamy on June 17, 2018, 10:50:26 AM
I find that as my inner world has become more and more active ,I am meeting many unconscious aspects of myself so it feels like the inner world has become like my real world and my waking life is fairly quiet with very little happening.There is so much that is emerging in dreams that most of my waking time I am contemplating my dreams.There is very little going on in my waking life comparitively. I am learning a lot through my dreams about myself and feel I am undergoing an inner change in many ways.
In the past it was the opposite when I used to have a drama filled extrovert life but gradually over many years as I got more introspective this has changed completely.Somehow the energy of activity is alive in dreams while I have a relatively subdued waking life.I am physically energetic in waking life but I don't have the will to make things happen or lead an extremely active life like I used to.As a result there is very little extrovert activity and I live in my own world most of the time.I hope this is a natural occurance as I feel maybe I am isolating myself and I feel like a hermit sometimes..but I definitely enjoy the quietitude and am glad to be away from drama.
Title: Re: Activity
Post by: Tony Crisp on June 17, 2018, 03:29:49 PM
Dreamy – I feel you are going through a growth spurt, and as such you will  realise so much about yourself and human and even animal life – not from books but from within yourself.

I believe it will gradually even up but will never be the same as before.

Please let us know what you meet.

It might be worth trying https://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/ if you haven't already.

Title: Re: Activity
Post by: dreamy on June 21, 2018, 09:53:19 AM
Thanks. I was going to post the following dream under "Dream Interpretations" but I feel this dream is related to this conversation so posting it here.Thanks.

I had this dream directly after this discussion:
 I am in my room with a girl who was in school with me.We are looking down from the window.We appear to be at a very great height in the dream (much higher than the second floor I actually live on ).My school-mate wants to go down.She looks for sometime outside the window then just steps out and leaps down.I am surprised.We are at a very high floor.She might have broken her bones or died or got hurt badly but she is perfectly fine.She sees some trash and rubbish in the building compound (area around the building enclosed by a wall) and starts picking it up.
Then F,another school-mate also wants to go down.I mention that the previous girl just leaped out of the window and went flying down. F also leaps down just so easily.She is dressed in all white clothes but she steps into some dirty water and starts foraging wet muck on the ground.I can see her clothes are going to get very dirty but she is rummaging through and moving about in the wet muck, for some reason.
There is a huge mound of garbage and trash in one of the garages in the building and some men are putting it into an enormous pile,a huge heap.The garage is much larger than the actual size in the dream,its almost the size of a warehouse.

I am amazed how the girls have the guts to step out of the window from such a great height and just fly down and reach the ground unhurt.
I get the feeling that I should go down.I walk out of the building entrance/foyer (so I must have taken the elevator or stairs.I did not not leap down I suppose ).
I discover that my neighbor has organized a classical music program for his guests. Mr.R, my neighbor looks completely different in the dream.He offers us a delicious rice snack,a specialty from the region he comes from.
I am so glad I came down or I would not have known about the music program or got to eat the delicious food.I had had the urge to eat that snack(made of rice) earlier and now I got to eat such a well made,authentic snack that only someone from that region could make so perfectly.
Mr.R says all his guests would be going to the music program and he was serving breakfast to them before they went there.I notice a food stall has been set up near the building entrance with many containers of food for the guests.
Title: Re: Activity
Post by: Tony Crisp on June 21, 2018, 11:04:17 AM
Dreamy – Again you get the rubbish in your dream, but this time aspects of you are involved in sorting through; also you have a garage/warehouse full of it. (It took me more than twelve years of hard work to clear most of my trash collection.)

Remember we have a huge past, for no plant or creature grows from a dead seed, and each living seed carries within it all the past gathered from all its forebears. So, the seed in your mother’s womb is as old as and even older than human kind, and you carry that wisdom or memories in you. But in this life you developed a new brain, and the memories you gathered this time are what you built your personality from, but beneath that is a very ancient self.

The collection of random rubbish is what we are blocked by in our growth process. For the first level we meet if we are actually meeting real growth is a cleaning process, and unblocking of the immense rubbish we all have – and don’t get the idea that you are different because you are on the growth path. See https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/integration-meeting-oneself/#Realise

You have two parts of you that have got the insight into dreams and what you are capable of in them – the two girls who jumped. But the main part of you is still stuck in judgements developed from the waking world.  People are very confused about the difference between their waking life and their dream life. They believe that what they dream is the same as what they meet in waking life.  In other words, we take as a truth that what is important outwardly is as important in our dreams. So, you are as upset by a dream as if it had actually happened in waking life. Such mistakes make us feel things that are ridiculous.

But whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so, all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind. So those parts of you than can jump from a great height have realised that, but YOU need to imagine yourself doing it to overcome the fear of doing it in dreams.

Your neighbour seems to be a helpful and organising talent you have learnt from your social contacts.