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Title: Thank-you, Tony
Post by: Erebos on June 29, 2018, 09:16:09 PM
Ok. Here's something I've meant to do, but never did. I wanted to thank you, Tony. It seems like most people would interpret dreams and leave it at that. Leave people with a sort of dependency. But you would interpret dreams (some of them mine) and try to teach the person how to do it themselves, so they didn't need you. Thank-you for this. I'm not great at interpreting my dreams, but I'm getting better.

Enjoy your rest,

Title: Re: Thank-you, Tony
Post by: Tony Crisp on July 09, 2018, 09:11:10 AM
Erebos - Thank you for saying that. I worked as a therapist for twenty years, and that was what I felt all the time, that many therapists keep their clients dependent on them to keep earning enormous amount for an hours work.

I gave the work up because  I saw a huge tendency in people - to look to an authority figure as a way out of their problems. But as I was never trained by authority figures demanding money for training I never took that path myself, because I found that each one of us has a huge and wonderful potential, ability or treasure in them.