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Title: Realising How Stupid We Can Be
Post by: Tony Crisp on October 17, 2021, 10:21:13 AM
The next dream shows bow a solution can be sought, and found in the dream itself. The woman, May, had suffered years of emotional misery and alienation from her family. She says; ‘Because of this, when I was down to absolutely rock bottom emotionally, I consulted a hypnotherapist who explained that hypnosis was used only as a last resort. I went to her for once a week for over a year. I was treated under psychotherapy, and I had to write down my dreams every day. Through this I recognised my areas of problems, and in time my problems lessened. However, with petrol becoming more expensive I had to travel seventy miles altogether for each visit I gave up the consultations. All the same, I felt I hadn’t really reached the real root of the trouble. I delved into my known past, but not my unknown past. Consequently, after about six months I drifted back into my old depression and aggressive dreams and nightmares. 
‘I always seemed to be searching for the lost years. My real mother died when I was nineteen months old and my sister was one month. In the same week my Dad was called up for the War. Unable to get anyone to look after two young children Dad paid a woman to look after me, while my sister was adopted by an aunt and uncle. My father re-married when I was seven, and I have two half brothers and one half sister. As I grew up none of my family would let me speak about the past, making it a taboo subject. Because of this I used to fall out with them on and of.) Then, when my father died five years ago, I am now forty three, I got in such a rage, telling my family I was never one of them, and now that Dad was dead I had no family. The guilt and depression I felt about this was what led me to go to the hypnotherapist. 

‘This year, in January, forty one years from the day my own mother died, my stepmother died. This sent me into such agonising emotions I had to give op my job, and was near to a nervous breakdown. However, on the nineteenth of March I had this dream. 

‘My son had a spray which made him very small. He was able to speak to and see various small characters and Walt Disney people. He sprayed me so I could see the characters too. He found a minute friend, a girl of his own age. He was so small - insect size that when he crossed a road with his friends he got trodden on. I had a terrible feeling of loss. Then my own son laughed and said, ‘We are all okay. We are too small for anyone to hurt us.’ 

‘My son sprayed other members of the family and I began to have the feeling I knew the answer to my years of depression and guilt.   
‘Then we were walking down a sunny promenade. I saw my father sitting on a bench. I hesitated, feeling I could not go to him. My son told me not to worry. He said, ‘If you can’t love your father I will love you both as son and Father. If you are too silly as grown ups to see it doesn’t matter about all the past, I’ll make up the love to you.’ The little girl with him went to my father and said the same thing. Then my father and I both laughed and went to each other, thinking how silly we had been all those years. We both got the feeling of forgiveness and saw how we had wasted all those years because we didn’t have the simple love of a child.

‘My father had then been sprayed and could see the characters, who all began to dance. On the beach nearby were my stepsister and stepbrother and wife, sun-bathing in the warmth. Instead of my usual Pit feeling I felt playful and kicked some sand over them. I had the wonderful feeling of happiness and floating. I told them the story, and said the answer was so simple forgive each other, love and forget the past and look to the future. I felt it was a miracle, and knew it was the answer to finding peace with my family. living and deceased. And as the dream ended there was a crescendo of moving music, all the Disney characters were there, with pairs of birds in nests all around in trees. They had little comic notices hung outside such as ‘Goodnight’, ‘God Bless’, ‘Don’t Snore.’ 

‘Since the dream, six months ago, I have become reconciled with most of my family though I doubt if they can understand the reasoning behind it. I now have this wonderful feeling of well being. 
‘Though life still has its difficulties.’

Title: Re: Realising How Stupid We Can Be
Post by: Tony Crisp on October 17, 2021, 10:28:10 AM
May’s dream shows how one does not necessarily have to interpret the symbols to find healing or understanding. The dream itself is clear enough to understand directly. Also the dream actually gives May the direct experience of what it feels like to forgive, to feel the warmth of love, and to look forward instead of back.  
 She had developed the habit from a year of psychotherapy, of looking within herself for answers, and expecting help from her dreams. So once more this is seen as important, although this is not the only factor involved in finding help and creativity in our dreams.   

If we are to turn the unused time of our sleep into greater productivity we need to understand just why most people do nor have problems solving dreams and their Genius remains asleep. See https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/genius-2/ - https://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/