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Title: Mother To My Children
Post by: Tony Crisp on January 29, 2022, 11:42:53 AM
Hello Tony....my name is Noelle. I am Corah Simone's mother. I was very close to my father, he was my best friend in life. When he passed I was sitting with him and then...and for the next 10 years my whole world/ worlds broke open. I am the parent to three children but youngest Lewin saw my dad's spirit and communicated with him on a few occasions...it's as if the sky split in my world but not the people in it.....Corah and I have had similar dreams (sleep dreams) since she was around 3 years old. I always knew my dad was speaking through us....to us. He was a very very good astrological teacher and also a writer and musician...he is no doubt giving gift of his teachings right through Corah now....it's pretty amazing. I am married for 21 years to a Catholic man, with a Catholic family who does not see or enjoy these things....my husband is kind but is not aware of another side...he isn't threatened but his family is and it's been very painful for me n confusing for my kids...mostly my boys.

I now KNOW IT WS A LIFE LESSON that I see and learn in experiencing this family....however how I deal with it is very very different then 10 years ago. it's causing conflict. .....raising and being my children's mother has been a life path and joy for me ...but now I'm being catapulted elsewhere....so many downloads....so many nightmares. I am sorry to bother you.... I am reaching out to you as a friend and I would appreciate and enjoy some dialogue at a certain point in time...if you may. Thank you for listening.
Title: Re: Mother To My Children
Post by: jacquiemayotte on February 03, 2022, 04:00:14 PM
I am not Tony but I 've worked with him on dreams for many years. So I am just  adding to your writing ...my experience.
My ex companion died on the 22nd of September 2021.  We were me and my 2 children not expecting it at all. We were shocked. He was an artist, but as well as a musician and wrote. So he communicates now with me through visuals, thoughts and sometimes music. I've written a diary since he died, named "Conversation with you". I felt I received  a lot of messages at first from him. I feel still  he is looking after us from where he is. He appeared after he died in a dream to my granddaughter who lives in England, she is 3. (I am French and I live in France). My grand daughter saw him in a dream, he was tickling her. It gave a lot of comfort to my daughter when her young child reported that to her.
With all my compassion
Title: Re: Mother To My Children
Post by: Tony Crisp on April 02, 2022, 11:43:27 AM
Thank you Corah and Jacqueline - I have almost giving up answering dream, so do not often watch them to give answers.

But I will give answers soon now because your contact with your father is important - dead dad's give so much to us if we listen. See https://dreamhawk.com/uncategorized/how-can-we-talk-to-the-dead-and-they-can-talk-with-us/