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Title: same friend different dreams
Post by: ajbenson on November 16, 2011, 05:07:56 PM
So last week i finally decided i would stop crushing on a friend but since then i keep having dreams with him in the dreams,any idea why? The first one was where we kissed, the second one i just remember seeing him, the third was where he was at my aunt's house (in real life he's never been there and if my aunt and cousin like him as my friend then i know he's a good friend) and the last one was where we were going somewhere with our film crew and he was talking and i kept acting childish despite him wanting p have a really conversation with me.
Title: Re: same friend different dreams
Post by: Tony Crisp on November 21, 2011, 01:36:25 PM
AJBenson -  In the darkness a light glimmers. Gradually it takes shape. The shape of a person is suggested. In the time that follows he or she evolves form, moves, and you have full sensory experience. You are totally involved, with all your emotions and sexuality responding. Changes occur and you love, fight, fear, murder or bring to life again the person, who can become an animal, a devil, God or a bodiless voice lost in a sombre countryside. Your experiences are totally real, and you move through heaven and hell, despair and joy, darkness and light. Scenes from your past can be revisited – or totally new experiences can be felt so clearly, you are enriched.

That is a dream. There is nobody there except you, your imagination and your fears, your hopes and even, at times, wisdom. You are the passenger in a wonderful creative action, your dreams. And the dream you describe seems to be one you create out of your hopes and desires, often unconscious.

Now you are also powerful in your waking life if you have daring, so having stopped crushing on him, what would you like to happen next, and how can you move toward it?

Title: Re: same friend different dreams
Post by: ajbenson on November 21, 2011, 04:19:24 PM
Thank you for the inspiration and the huge confidence boost. I've always had low confidence and from what you wrote I've realized most of my dreams were telling me I do have an amazing amount of confidence. Not sure about the dreams were I died someone I knew was dead or I or someone else I knew was being threatened to be killed. But the other dreams I've had were defiantly trying to show me I do have confidence in myself and in what I do.