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Title: Advice from a centaur?
Post by: ToBeAware on January 13, 2012, 10:27:55 PM
It's far between me remember my dreams now, but this I am Happy y I remember parts of.

First I ask, howcome the dream created a centaur?

And the dream

I am according to my surrounding situation asking for advice. My searching let me now I will go to that "person" a small walk from my situation. There I meet a handsome centaur (horse and human), he understand my need without asking, carry me in his arms for a while towards what I suppose he wants me to see. After a while he gets me up on his back, a really tempting feeling while riding further to the place occurs in me.

The place might have been by this shore where we stop, the tempting feeling is away, but I am more safe with the centaur now. A big bay,  the thing we look at far over the water is a velodroom-formed competition arena. There is white cars, all similar, on their way to start a competition between each other. Behind them big lorries for the same reason. The centaur drops me off, and leave me for joining this competition, it is a long distance  to that place, but he went there for a competition between centaurs.

I have some kind of view of the meaning, but I'm so curious why it was a centaur?

Title: Re: Advice from a centaur?
Post by: Tony Crisp on January 17, 2012, 02:00:36 PM
ToBeAware – As usual, an interesting dream.

How did the dream create a centaur? Maybe it could be how did you create a centaur?

The thing is that you can create in a dream anything you have heard of or seen a picture of – and sometimes things you have never even heard of. But if it is in images rather than in formless knowing, it is usually a cobbling together of images that together can give an idea of the formless expression from within.

A centaur can represent high ideals and philosophy; prophetic insight, and the power that overcomes sin and death. The animal nature is ruled and directed by the human spiritual nature. Also the centaur is a beautiful image of this mixture of animal and human that we still are, and often deny.

Dreams often remind us of this connection, and how we may be ignoring it and losing the wonderful advantages of linking our conscious personality with this much older level of ourselves. So the centaur in our dream shows that you are in some way meeting and relating to this part of you.

Why? Probably because you were meeting your inner animal more fully in a creative way. As you said you did experience a ‘a really tempting feeling’.

What competition are you involved in?

Title: Re: Advice from a centaur?
Post by: ToBeAware on June 22, 2016, 12:57:52 PM
I'm so greatful to your answers, I'm not continously sitting by my different homepages, and that makes me forget to look for the answer, and sometimes the connection interrupts before I am finished. And my life changes so now it was years I looked closer to this site.

Thanks anyway I'll go to answer the lizard-dream question. The competition is life where you are involved in the rules of the commerse, and you helped me understand. That even if I am a idealistic wanna-be I think also we idealist tend to be competing between each other, some of us, inside the commerse but between each other. Anyway I belive we can come outside the competing society, but I have comfortness in parts of this life I value high, even if it makes me limited.