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Title: A wasp helps me get a black lizard out of my house.
Post by: ToBeAware on January 15, 2012, 10:27:50 AM
On the upper floor of my house (me?) on the writing desk in a cup among a few pencils, is the back of a lizard (perhaps a salamander) with its nose down, it is struggling to come up with not very good success. I really don't like this lizard, I feel disgusted and run downstairs to find something to get rid of it.

There I meet what seems to be good friends to me, a wasp and something else I can't remember. We discuss whether the wasp is big enough to fight the lizard out of the house. The wasp turn and sure, it is big, almost as big as the lizard.

So together the wasp and this other creature goes to the lizard and while it is struggling they get it down to first floor, and drops him before they manage to get him out. The lizard seems to be light-shy and is directly going towards closest pile of stuff, there he finds plastic things with similar surface as his skin, and seems to find comfort among them. During this situation I change my feeling from disgusted to "what a sad creature".
Title: Re: A wasp helps me get a black lizard out of my house.
Post by: Tony Crisp on January 26, 2012, 01:39:16 PM
ToBeAware – To do justice to your dream I need to think aloud and write it down. And I am sorry I overlooked this dream.

You are n the upper floor of your house and there is a lizard there. And that is quite unusual in dreams – unless you have been thinking or feeling in a particular way. The lizard/reptile is a creature that deals with your emotional energy; usually sexual in nature. But it seems that the work you have been doing – the pencils – have drawn it right up to the head. That could have happened by a particular line of thinking or meditation that calls on the sexual feelings and lifts them up.

It is sometimes illustrated by a way of attracting the beast out of its hiding place and drawing up to reveal the jewel it has at its forehead. Then you have to take hold of the jewel and place it on your own forehead.

But you felt the lizard was disgusting, a common feeling about how we judge how we work and what we are. Unfortunately it took the lizard right back down, and it wanted to disguise itself.

Of course the sad creature is you when you look at a part of you that you have not treasured. So I would spend some time seeing if there is any truth in what I have written. If there is ask yourself what it was that you did to attract the lizard in the first place, and see if you can do it again without judgement.

Maybe it ties in with the centaur?

Title: Re: A wasp helps me get a black lizard out of my house.
Post by: ToBeAware on June 22, 2016, 01:08:12 PM
I remeber this time i life to be a bit caotic according to relation, sex and lonliness-feelings. So the lizard could be my loneliness who had sex with one I didn't wanted a relation with, and also told so (the wasp), and anyway I let it happen and asked me after why. Me and my lonliness use to argue from time to time during all my life. Me and my sexual me has been supressed for lo g time but was free after many years, and still are, now with more sense according to how I prefer it to be.
Title: Re: A wasp helps me get a black lizard out of my house.
Post by: Tony Crisp on June 23, 2016, 08:14:22 AM
Good to hear from you and know that you are still with more sense.

Not much to say but reaching out.  8)