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Title: Bird Attack
Post by: Christine on May 08, 2012, 10:36:56 PM
Three dreams:

A nest of full grown blackbirds...all sitting with their extra long beaks begging and open.  I try to touch one and they start attacking my hand.  I walk away and they follow me attacking, pecking and lodging their long beaks up and down my spine.  I reach behind me with my right hand and pull them out of my spine with such force that my arm and hand boomerang back to hit my chest.  I have to furiously shake them from my hand as they have sticky, oily green bodies.

I am looking in a mirror putting on makeup.  Feeling excited as I have a job interview.  When I arrive I feel disappointed...the women I am interviewing with is in dark clothes, skin and hair.  There are similarly colored men and women in the background.  In front of me...a book appears...the title is "Should I or Shouldn't I...Start My Own Business?."

I am in a town with a lot of trees.  I am gathering hospital relics to be put into a museum.  The museum will be located next to a (water) reservoir in Central Massachusetts near where I grew up.  ( In reality, the reservoir was made by evacuating the residents of the town and flooding it .  When precipitation dries up the water level drops and you can see the steeple of the church and tops of other town buildings coming out of the water).

Title: Re: Bird Attack
Post by: Tony Crisp on May 10, 2012, 11:58:40 AM
Christine – The bird dream has a feeling of hungry infants – what were you hungry for when a small child – and what has attacked you recently in the form of memories.

I know from my own experience that memories of early years can be released by pressure on parts of the spine. So I wonder whether the bird attacking your spine and you pulling them our, with a rebound on your chest/emotions, is an indication of that.

The question about starting your own business is a comparison between what you meet in the job market and your own initiative. I did it over twenty or more years ago. It was scary but it has worked out well. But it needs you to feel your way into it.

The third dream appears to be you dealing with precious memories to do with healing or hospitals. See http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/the-big-hunger/

Title: Re: Bird Attack
Post by: Christine on May 10, 2012, 01:47:40 PM
Thank you Tony.

It is interesting to see the birds as parts of myself.  My initial reaction to the dream was that the birds were hungry parts of other people who were...or who I perceived to be...dependent on me.  As a child I was parentified and even spousified.  Sometimes the weight of that dependency precipitated actions that compromised my ability to use my own voice, stand up for myself and my own needs/values/morals.  I continued this pattern with people outside my family of origin and into the workplace.

I have always wanted to work for myself.  I think that would allow me to meet my own needs first and then others...rather than the opposite.


Title: Re: Bird Attack
Post by: Tony Crisp on May 11, 2012, 10:03:53 AM
Hi, I came to this through exploring many dreams. This one is an obvious one: In another dream I got on a bus - double-decker. An old lady made room for me to sit at the end of one of the three seats. As we drove away a very large - chicken sized – baby bird flew in. It had short sturdy wings and yellow down, but flew expertly. I believe it first landed on the lady and chirped squeakily. But in its squeaks it actually spoke, saying it had lost its mother. It sounded as if it were crying. I said I would care for it, and thought how Léon, I and family, could make a nest for it. I wondered what to feed it on - meat or veg?

This was about the time when as a three year old I was separated from my mother, and felt that I had lost her. When I actually met this I went through weeks of constantly crying, couldn't sleep, and much else. So that was my baby bird needing help.

Another dream of a four feet owl perched on a tree, is as follows: While I worked on the dream, a beautiful feeling came that the owl related to me or understood me because he saw me with a mate. As a wild thing he could understand mating and togetherness. Life knows through its millions of creatures what it means to partner a mate and rear young.

The tree I felt as the seasonal growth. In other words the end of a period of my life and the beginning of another. I felt I had come to the end of one phase of growth or maturity, and awaited another.

The owl represents initiation. It is consciousness that simply watches the unconscious, all the boundaries of consciousness. This is like the owl watching the dark ground at night, and in that way is nourished. It is the natural forces of my own being that I meet in an initiatory way. I nearly missed relating to this fundamental part of me in that I was so busy doing ego things to become well-known - by phoning the newspaper etcetera - that I almost didn’t relate directly to the needs of this developing inner awareness. This means that our ego consciousness, unconscious self, is allowed to expand its awareness deeper into the realm of the natural unconscious forces of being, only when it has learned to respect them, and relating with mutual respect and understanding. The owl is hooded, that represents the egoless state – going beyond ego desires and needs

Feeding it connects with Hyone’s love. All this summer she has been bringing the pieces of chicken from work. It shows how, out of giving to others what we do not directly need for our own survival, we express and build into ourselves one of the great mysteries of nature - self giving. That, and the meditation - Be still, and know that I am God - is part of what I need to build into my being.