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Title: Dreaming While Awake
Post by: Christine on September 12, 2012, 08:11:13 AM

I am a little freaked out by this...for the past few days I have been seeing images and hearing words both in my mind (thankfully) that I would normally experience in a dreaming state.  Usually when my mind is quiet.

The images and words are not disturbing, yet I am not sure I like this.

Title: Re: Dreaming While Awake
Post by: Tony Crisp on September 22, 2012, 02:03:04 PM
Christine – Don’t worry about it. I know most people link hearing voices and seeing visions with being mentally ill, but that is only because the many more people who hear and see such things are not reported.

Here is a quote:  “British psychologists have launched a study to determine why some people who hear voices consider it a good experience, while others find it distressing.

The University of Manchester investigation follows a Dutch study that found many healthy members of the population in that nation regularly hear voices in their heads.

Although hearing voices has traditionally been viewed as abnormal and a symptom of mental illness, the Dutch findings suggest it's more widespread than thought, estimating about 4 percent of the population could be affected.

Manchester Researcher Aylish Campbell said: "We know many members of the general population hear voices, but have never felt the need to access mental health services; some experts even claim that more people hear voices and don't seek psychiatric help than those who do.

"In fact, many of those affected describe their voices as being a positive influence in their lives, comforting or inspiring them as they go about their daily business."

Campbell says the study hopefully will contribute to the development of psychological therapies to help people better understand and cope with their voices.”

From my experience this happens more often the more you walk in your inner world. My voices have always been incredibly helpful and encouraging.

Title: Re: Dreaming While Awake
Post by: Christine on September 23, 2012, 04:44:09 AM
Thank you Tony.  Stay well.  Christine
Title: Re: Dreaming While Awake
Post by: amIcrazy on January 16, 2013, 01:43:47 PM
lucid dreaming maybe I would write them down there ought to be some relevance in them
Title: Re: Dreaming While Awake
Post by: Mindslip on March 02, 2013, 12:56:18 PM
Hi Christine,

Seeing 'visions' and hearing voices, is something that has happened to me from a very early age. For example, I can remember walking home from primary school at the age of five and hearing my first name as if the speaker were shouting in my ear. This happened often as a child, and less often as an adult, until now, I hear it very infrequently indeed. I have managed during this and many other 'strange' episodes, to hold down a steady career, get married etc. As with dreams, waking visions and sounds can, I feel call upon us to listen with the deepest intuition. Whenever my name was spoken for example, there would be a reason that became apparent.

So, I agree with Tony that healing voices and seeing visions most certainly and often is not a sign of being mentally ill.