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Hello Tony,

Thank you for getting back to me about my first dream.  I have been looking into the three dreams and had another dream that finally was able to convey a clear message that I can use to grow in my life.   

1.  I need to honor the legacy of my past and my ancestors.  (supported by what you said)
2.  My life is stable and I can handle the ups and downs presented to me by the Universe.
3.  I am on the cusp of coming to a major shift of understanding in my inner emotions to create further balance in my life, between mind, body and soul. 
4.  I must learn from my mistakes - and the biggest one - is my tendency to remain silent in the face of conflict.

The ultimate message was to talk to my boyfriend about the things that have been bothering me over the last few months.  Communication is the key to a healthy relationship and if I want to have one with him, I must communicate the "bad" as well as the "good".

Thank you again and for letting me share.


Hello All,

I had these dreams this week and only an image last night.  I posted these dreams in another dream forum, and only got one response.  I have been asking myself "What now?"  And I believe that my dreams are trying to tell me something.  I think that they are trying to provide me some direction that I need to consider in my life.  I know that this is very long.  So if you take the time to read and respond, thank you and I truly appreciate it.   

Dream 1:

I become aware of myself, I am me, at my age now (a woman age 36). I become aware of my sister and my cousin who is like a second sister to me. The three of us are somewhere I have never been in real life, but in my dream I know it is Brooklyn, New York. There are only a few buildings and the sky is orange, so filled with clouds, that it appears that the clouds are really the sky. We are walking down a desserted street near the apartment building where my cousin lives. I am holding a plastic bag which contains our lunch. We pass a run down building and my cousin tells me that that building is haunted. I am surprised and worried because I realize that I left our lunch in one of the rooms in the haunted building.

I approach the building and caress the door frame and whisper "I'm sorry to bother you, but I believe that I left our lunch inside. May I please enter?" The doors swing open and I walk in. The entry hall is full of cobwebs and dust and grime. It is grey. Another door opens to the left of me and it reveals a room that is clean and bright. There is a bed and on top of the bed is the plastic bag with our lunch. I take it and say "Thank you". I leave the building.

When I return outside of the building, the scenary has changed. My sister and cousin are terrified and they begin to run when they see me. My sister runs to the right and my cousin runs to the left, which is in the direction of her apartment building. I run after my cousin and let my sister go.

I run with my cousin towards the back of the haunted building. We pass an overgrown field with very tall grass. We arrive at a large sand dune. In the distance, I can see my cousin's building. We start to climb. It is difficult. The sand is hot and soft. I slip down the sand with each step, but I am still able to make headway up to the top. When I finally reach the top, I am alone. I lost my cousin. I do not look back for her. I feel urgency to move forward towards her apartment building becuase I know that I will be reunited with my sister and cousin when I get there.

It is then I notice that I have unwittingly arrived at the edge of a carnival. I cannot move forward becasue there is a ride blocking my way. It is the pirate ship ride that moves back and forth. I try to time it so I can run past when the ship is on an upward swing. But, before I can make I run for it, I hear a voice beind me say "Why don't you just wait for the ride to stop?" I turn around and I see two of my co-workers who I am very close to watching me. They are sitting on the ground, drinking beer from cans and relaxing. They hand me a beer and I sit with them.

Almost immediately I find myself in a building that I know is my cousin's apartment building. I do not know how to get to her apartment from where I am. I see children dressed in uniforms. I decide I must be in the school next to where my cousing lives. I walk through the thralls of students. They ignore my presence.

I am calm and I feel peaceful. I continue to walk as the children rush to classes. I pass the gym and the pool area. It smells like chlorine and it is heavy with heat. I continue walking up and down hallways until I reach a dead end.

I look at the wall I am facing and a small door appears. I bend down and open the door. The floor immediately gives way from under me and I fall down a dark passage. I land softly on my feet in the hallway below. I am not hurt and I am not afraid. I am calm, but confused. I still do not know how to get to my cousin's apartment. I walk straight down the hallway where the door would have been above me.

It is here that I meet a ghost. He is only barely solid, but I am not afraid. He is a kindly looking old man. He says "I can take you were you need to go." I say "Thank you." He walks and I follow him. We speak, but I cannot recall what we are talking about. He takes me to my cousin's apartment and I open the door. The apartment is empty. I still have the bag of our lunch so I place it on the kitchen table. There I find a note that says that the three of us have gone for lunch and will be back soon. I am confused. I was certain that they would be there.

I turn back to the open door and the ghost is still in the hallway. I leave the lunch and walk out. The door closes behind me.

The ghost says something to me. I open up my hand and he gives me his tooth. It is a molar. It is yellowed with brown spots from decay. There is a silver filling on the top. I look up at the ghost and he tells me that after years of using the tooth it isn't so pretty anymore. He tells me to place the tooth in the fountain in the courtyard. I tell him that I the other teeth that my cousin and I found found there, we buried. He says that it is okay, but to put THIS tooth in the fountain. I nod and look at the tooth again. I decide that I will keep it. When I look up, he is gone.

I decide that maybe I will put it in the fountain then I wake up.

I feel like the most important part of the dream is the tooth. But everything that I have looked up about teeth, only speak about teeth that the dreamer loses, but nothing about what being given a tooth is. If anyone has any thoughts as to what this dream means, I would very much appreciate it.

Dream 2:

I become aware of myself, I am me (a 36 year old woman). I am at a large extragavant Hotel (a large victorian mansion). I know that my family has rented a large part of the hotel for some kind of reunion. My boyfriend's family is also there. I can recall sitting in the living room of the suite I share with my two children and my boyfriend (lets call him E). The kids are with my parents someplace else and E and I are sittling together on the couch. E's parents, his brother (D) and D's wife (C) are in with us, chatting. E, D, C and I are comparing feet. D's feet are very gross and everyone leaves the room in disgust but me. I am surprised that they are so uptight about feet. I stay behind in the room, I do not follow them out.

My daughter (J who is 6) enters the room and she tells me she is hungry. We have cereal and milk but no bowl to put it in nor do we have a spoon. I walk the hotel halls with my daughter in hand, I see E and his family in his parents' room and they yell at me when I pass. They tell me that I did not turn off the lights in the other room. I am super angry but continue walking by.

J and I search the hotel looking for a bowl and spoon. We visit other people's suites. We check their kitchenette areas. We see other kinds of plates but nothing she can use for her cereal. We see all kinds of cakes and pasteries, but we know they do not belong to us, so we do not take them. We take a peek in another suite and we see people sleeping and relaxing. A child sleeps on a cot, I quickly lead J away so we do not disturb them.

Finally we arrive at the hotel kitchen/cafe. A very attractive woman behind the counter helps me. She has a lot of tattoos. Her arms are covered with colorful designes. Behind her I can see the cook cooking things. There is a lot of steam and sizzling. Things smell nice and I wonder if I am hungry. She gives me a styrofoam bowl and I thank her.

J and I go to the game room that has areas to sit and eat or relax. I assume she eats her cereal. My son (K who is 8) comes in with my father and they want to play a game that is similar to pool. I put money into the money slot in the pool table so they can play. For some reason a lot of cash starts to peek out of the pool table from the cracks. I pull the money out. Bills of all denominations come out in wads. There are $100 bills, $200 bills and lots of singles and $5's and $10s. I feel guilty taking it, but I do.

We are outside in the courtyard. I see the attractive woman from the kitchen. She is wearing all black and lacey things. She smiles at us and J starts to talk to her. J is very interested and the woman tells J that we can all join the circus. Then she pulls out a knife. But we are not afraid. She starts to dance and do acrobatics holding the shiney knife in her hand. She uses the knife as part of her dance, twirling and bending with the knife. My father, K, J and I are mesmerized by her graceful movements. I find that I want her to be mine. In what way, I do not know.

The dream ends. I wake up and have the memory of the dream lingering. What is emphisized the most to me is the anger of my boyfriend's family and my anger in response to it, the search for a bowl, the kitchen scene, the money and the attractive woman dancing with a knife.

Dream 3:

The only image I can remember of my dream last night:

I remember looking at the teeth in the mouth of one of my co-workers as she talked. The teeth are long, as if the gums had receded significantly. The teeth are clean, but transparent so I can see the dark nerve underneath the enamel. There are silver retaining rings around some of the teeth, the kind that are used to keep partial dentures in place. The teeth fill my vision so I cannot see my co-worker’s face, although I know who it is that is talking. There is more to the dream, but that is all I can remember.

Greetings / Hello, I am new here
« on: January 24, 2012, 08:48:31 PM »
Hello All,

I am a woman age 36.  When I was a teenager, I was able control my dreams - Lucid dreaming.  I could tell myself what to dream and I would be able to control my actions in my dreams.  I was also able to remember almost all my dreams everyday.

As I got older, my control slipped and then fell altogether.   When I was 24 I got married to an abusive man.  I stopped dreaming, well, I think that it is more correct to say that I no longer remembered dreaming or my dreams.  I think that I went away. 

When I was 28, I gave birth to my first child - a son.  Then 20 months later I gave birth to my second child - a daughter.  When my daughter was 2 years old, my husband left me.  I was 32 years old.  It was then that I started to remember my dreams again. 

That was four years ago.  I find that I can nolonger control my dreams in the way that I did when I was younger.  My dreams are also more complex then I recall from the past and I cannot understand them anymore.  I think that I have become more jaded and cynical.  I have become more literal and I cannot see symbols like I used to.

Recently my dreams have become more and more vivid and I am remembering them more and more.  I hope that this forum can help me return to my former dreamer self and help me reconnect to the me that is hidden. 

Thank you so much for letting me share and I look forward to taking this journey into dream with all of you.


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